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[CLOSE][FREE/TRADE] Writer & Proofreader ♡

#1 Post by crystalscm » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:39 pm

Hi! I'm... pretty much back from the dead, seeing I've been having a hard time with personal things and my mood, and recently I finally feel like I can invest myself once again in this.

I first got into writing when I was kind of young, maybe my early teens or so, possibly a little younger. Later, I developed an interest in visual novels, and I started to play more of the mobile paid games, which really took a lot out of my wallet, haha... I think they might be my guilty pleasure or something. I later ran into LemmaSoft here, and found interesting games to play and help out with. English is my first language, so I consider my grammar proficient, so if you need a project proofread, please feel free to message me about it. I'd love to work with you!

My interests in writing and proofreading lie in (kind of dark) fantasy/supernatural elements (i.e. demons, vampires, faeries, gods and goddesses, etc.), romance, slice of life, school life, comedy, mystery, historical, music (idols or classical), anything anime-esque, and mythology; I prefer to stay away from pure horror like Annabelle the film, but I don't mind horror if it's something like a "secondary" genre, like a horror-romance. In regards to pairings, I feel most comfortable with otome and boys' love. I prefer to stay away from girls' love, and I'm okay on bishoujo. If you have something else though, feel free to pitch your idea! To some extent I also like world and/or story-building and crafting characters too. However! Regardless of the pairings, I'm not willing to do R18 work.

I accept both free and paid projects. For free projects, I'm willing to do completely for free or for trade, but for paid projects, I do wish to be compensated in some way by Kickstarter or Indiegogo funds or trading. If you want to pay me upfront... then please talk to me about it, and we can discuss. Message me if you are interested in trading! I'm mainly interested in artists, musicians and idea bouncers/outliners, but I'll try to be as flexible as I can!

Attached below are a couple of samples of recent draft work, which means they are unedited and, for the most part, made "on the fly". I like to think that my writing style is generally a bit more flexible though. As you can see, I can use either Word (I have a Dropbox to drop files in and to share or it can be sent directly through an email attachment) or Google, so if you have a preference on which one to use, then feel free to tell me!

Samples [drafts]
  • Script - Ren'Py; I can do some programming too. If your project needs any programming, you can feel free to message me if you don't mind a novice. I can't do UI or gallery coding though... yet.
  • Prose - this is a little how-it-all-started story with an idea that's been in my mind for a little bit, made somewhat late at night and written in third-person.

Send an email to mewlettuce4@gmail.com or send a PM here with your project idea pitch, your genres, your characters, whether you're looking for me to do it for free, for trade, or through Kickstarter/Indiegogo funds share, and anything else you want to include, such as whether it's going to be free or paid, or the general scope of the project, any deadlines, etc. Keep note that I may end up declining your request if I feel like I can't get it done with your conditions. Otherwise, I hope to hear from you all!

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