I'm making a music pack, I have some questions to developers

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Albert Fernandez
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I'm making a music pack, I have some questions to developers

#1 Post by Albert Fernandez » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:48 am

Hello people,

I'm creating a visual novel music pack.

My main goal is to create various tracks that will cover different situations in a visual novel:
afterschool fun, romantic moments, sad moments, triumph, a charismatic character, disco time, music for a bar, pensative moments, etc...

My idea is that, if you buy the pack, then you can use all the songs in your creations, and have the majority of your musical needs covered with the music pack.

While the music pack is in process of being created, I would need some advice.

Could you say to me what would you like in a visual novel music pack?
Describe me 4/5 songs that a visual novel musick pack has to have, or a complete list of music you think it's necessary when making a visual novel game. (I imagine every visual novel is different, but I want to know what musical tracks are common in the majority of the visual novels)

Also, if you have buyed music for your visual novels, where have you buyed it?

Thanks ^^

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Lynn Dentell
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Re: I'm making a music pack, I have some questions to developers

#2 Post by Lynn Dentell » Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:23 pm


It is a very difficult question, you are asking to us ^^'
Because, as a VN creator, I would rather make the music specific to my game rather than using something everyone does.

But, in my opinion, you can promote those tracks as "beta test"/"demo" temporary tracks (that would mean that the tracks will serve as a base, until the demo is done and the kickstarter project is funded by its creator). And it will have to be way cheaper than affording a composer online.

Here would be a (probably incomplete) list of few tracks for a romantic VN:

- an opening.
- an introduction track (something very "easy going" and catchy, it would play every time the protagonist is in his usual place. Ex : when the highschooler is in highschool)
- a sad theme, taking the opening melody.
- a triumphant theme, taking the opening melody.
- a scary theme, for "psycho" moments.
- a romantic theme (duh !)
- a mysterious theme (for when the protagonist discovers something)
- a relaxing theme ; made with piano only, it is supposed to be usable in many situations.
-an Ending.

Voilà !

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