Gothic Novel Jam [2018] Team

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Gothic Novel Jam [2018] Team

#1 Post by Hazel-Bun »

Hi everyone! I’m finishing up NaNoRenO with the Seven Submarines team. I stumbled across a cool game jam called Gothic Novel Jam.

I want to make a Southern Gothic visual novel with a black filmmaker, the decaying body of an Andersonville escapee, and magic.

I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in forming a team? I can be the writer and I can do basic code. Would be awesome to have an artist and programmer! GUI designer and musician wouldn’t hurt none :D
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Re: Gothic Novel Jam [2018] Team

#2 Post by DanSylverstere »


I would be interested to join as a programmer. Are you still open for one?

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Re: Gothic Novel Jam [2018] Team

#3 Post by OtakuFeevah »

Uhm.. Hi!

I was hoping you would hire me as a programmer but i'm not really that complex on Ren'Py and still learning cuz I'm new. I can be the GUI designer too! All of my projects are unpublished due to some circumstances haha. ><


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Re: Gothic Novel Jam [2018] Team

#4 Post by Sunnydaycomics »

I would be open for an artist position. My work can be found at . I'm super new with renpy but this sounds like a cool idea for a vn. -sunny

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