[Closed]Background artist needed to complete a project that has some sketches and line art done already

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[Closed]Background artist needed to complete a project that has some sketches and line art done already

#1 Post by parttimestorier » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:49 pm

This position has now been filled. Thanks to everyone who responded!

Hi, I'm Jane Titor and I'm writing and programming a visual novel called The Light at the End of the Ocean. I have an in-progress thread for it here, and if you'd like to see some more examples of my work, you can take a look at my itch.io page. The background artist I previously commissioned is unable to continue with the project, so I'm looking for someone who can pick up where she left off.

Out of the seventeen backgrounds my project needs, nine have completed line art, while seven only have sketches, and one has yet to be started. Some of them still need some minor revisions to the completed sketches or line art, such as adding or removing an object here or there. A few also need variations on the time of day once they're coloured, and I'm using eight of them for point-and-click gameplay segments, which means I need them to have a separate layer with something like thick white outlines around specific objects to highlight them.

Here's a screenshot from another VN I like (Dr. Frank's Build-a-Boyfriend) that sort of shows what I'm going for with the point-and-click stuff - you can see that I'm mousing over the fridge on the right, and so it has a thick white outline. I need all the clickable objects in my backgrounds to have something like that, and then I'll do the programming so that players see that when they mouse over one of them.
If you're interested in this job, please send me some examples of your work and a rough estimate of how much you would charge, either in this thread or by email to parttimestorier@gmail.com. I prefer to pay half upfront and half on completion. I'm not especially concerned about any particular deadline for this project, but I would like to work with someone who will communicate regularly and keep me updated on what they're working on and when they think they'll be done.
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Re: [Open][Paid]Background artist needed to complete a project that has some sketches and line art done already

#2 Post by DeathSummoner » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:20 am

Hello There!! I am interested in working with you
Here's my portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/mahmudrezaakash
My contact: mahmudrezaakash70181@gmail.com

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Re: [Open][Paid]Background artist needed to complete a project that has some sketches and line art done already

#3 Post by CaptainJellie » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:57 am

Hello! I'm interested in helping!
My portfolio is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/fold ... hzGlge8aaZ
I've worked on VNs before, mainly Star Crossed's art: https://rainbowjellie.itch.io/star

Contact: fluffywuffy53@gmail.com
I am negotiable for prices, just contact me to discuss further. Good luck with your project~!

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