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Night and Day [BxB]

#1 Post by Ertal77 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:12 pm


Night and Day is a dating sim visual novel about art, coming of age and jazz music.

Our protagonist, Paul, moves to Paris in 1950, pursuing his dream of becoming a great artist. He will meet an assortment of other "bohemians" trying to live out their dreams, being it becoming a painter as Paul, a writer or a jazz musician.

Main characters:

• Paul, 18 years old. Self-conscious and a bit reserved at first, coming from a small village where everyone knew him as the only gay boy in town. Passionate about painting and life, he can get quite talkative when he gains confidence. Optimistic and a bit childish at times.

• Emile, 36 years old. He has a caustic sense of humor but feels tired and disappointed with life. His only remaining passions are drinking and painting. He used to sleep around and is openly gay, and thinks nothing of social roles or moral. He dislikes the jazz scene and the noisy, flamboyant artists and critics, but is well regarded by his peers as an established painter.

• Bernard, 25. He met Emile when working as a painters’ model, and they were in a relationship for a couple of years. They remain friends. Bernard is gloomy and self-centered. He works at a café and writes in the evenings, but his dream of becoming a great author is further and further away, so he’s going through a depression and rethinking his life’s choices.

• Gilles, undefined age (but he swears he’s 18). Romani, plays the guitar in the street. He’s cheeky, vibrant and passionate... and a liar. He acts childish and has a tendency to get in trouble, but he has lived too much for his age and can be cold and mean when he drops the façade of the cheerful and immature guy.

• Ferdinand, 21 years old, black, from the Antilles. He works at night in the 55 Jazz Club as a barman, and watches full time over his elder sister, Ophelia, who sings in the club and is currently dating a mafia boss. He’s slim and tall, and has eternally sad eyes. He’s shy and doesn’t trust people easily, due to a rough childhood and teenage years in the Antilles, going through hunger and abuse in different relatives’ houses. He always puts his sister before his own needs.

Planned features:
  • Four love interests.
  • Interactive map to choose the location you want to visit.
  • Skippable raising stats (they are not necessary if you just want to see the love interest's route, but it adds more endings and extra scenes).
  • Around 200k words.
The team:
  • Writing and coding: yours truly, Ertal.
  • Sprites and CGs: 6nii9 (we already worked together in My Burning Heart).
  • Backgrounds artist: Saedee.
  • GUI and logo: Lizz.
  • Music: fricochet.
We have concept art of the main characters and some backgrounds ready!


I'll update the post once we have the sprites finished! But for now, what do you think? Do you like the setting? What love interest seems more appealing to you? What do you think of raising stats in a dating sim and the fact they are optional, yay or nay?

Looking forward to your feedback!
Remember we have a Discord server where you can follow the project and get regular updates! -->
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Re: Night and Day [BxB]

#2 Post by DollhouseRose » Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:21 pm

First off, I love the premise of the story. The backgrounds are lovely, and I'm interested in playing already! I'm mostly curious about Bernard's story, so he would be my first pursuit :)

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Re: Night and Day [BxB]

#3 Post by Piper » Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:10 pm

It's a very unique (in a good way) setting to put a visual novel in, and the resources you've posted are stunning. Best of luck moving forward. ^_^

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Re: Night and Day [BxB]

#4 Post by illuminate001 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:10 am

I also really like the setting...old Paris, how romantic! ^_^ It certainly touches on alot of things I blue sky'ed for myself when younger, living abroad, art, meeting creative and handsome foreign guys lol.

Looking forward to seeing what the LI's look like.

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