[Paid] Writer and Spanish Translator looking for work

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[Paid] Writer and Spanish Translator looking for work

#1 Post by TheAlpar » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:04 pm

Hi, I'm Alpar. I'm a diverse and hard-working creative writer that mostly specializes in fantasy and action, with emphasis on LGBT themes and a diverse cast of characters, though I'd say I'm rather decent at slice of life and horror.

I have experience writing for Tabletop games as well as (yet to be published) traditional RPGs and visual novels, both western and the more traditional, anime-style kind.

As for other kinds of writing, I'm working on a number of projects still to be released in book form. And in the realm of fan-content, I've got over 600k words to my name in the form of a still-running fan-fiction story for the Pokemon fandom, with a decent number of fans who'll let you know I always try to stay consistent when it comes to producing content.

My main goal is to write stories and characters that people can relate to, regardless of the absurdity of the world they live in. Witches, space-warriors, shonen protagonists; they all have something that makes them tick, makes them human, and I always look forward to put that into the page.

Same goes with worlds. What fun is a magical floating city if you have no reason for the reader to care about it? Heart, I think, is the most important part of writing, and I hope I can provide my own stories with plenty of it.

Here's my writing portfolio: https://lisandromatiasjohnston.journopo ... portfolio/

With that said, I'd be happy to work with anyone who wants to employ my services. Feel free to contact me through here, Discord (feSesgh#3438) or email (lisandrojohnston1@gmail.com) if you want to hire me for your project.

My usual rates are $0.04 per word.
I've been working as a translator for over three years and I have experience in all sorts of translation projects. Some of the games I've localized into Spanish can be more easily seen in my Online Portfolio, along with recommendations from past clients.

My portfolio: https://lisandromatiasjohnston.journoportfolio.com

Hopefully someone here can consider me for their project. My work is both high-quality and low-cost. Feel free to contact me through here, Discord (feSesgh#3438) or email (lisandrojohnston1@gmail.com) if you want to hire me for your project.

My rates are $0.04 per word.

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