NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

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NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#1 Post by Sunlit-Dreamer »

With March quickly approaching, it is time for the recruitment thread. As always, thanks to Deji for the original!

Don't know what NaNoReno is? Click here for details.


❋ So you want to participate in NaNoRenO 2015 2020? ❋

Unless you're working solo, you probably need a group! Or maybe you already have a group but could use more members!
Go ahead and post your or your group's information so people can contact you!

➤ A person looking for a group

Please list your skills and the things you're willing to contribute with, and if you have any preferences!

Example 1:
I'm an artist!
I can contribute character designs, character sprites and a few CGs (full screen, cut-ins, or chibis, not more than 4 full screen CGs).
I can't do backgrounds or GUI.
I'd like to work on a romance GxB game if possible! No BxB, no nudity, no abuse or violence, please :'3
I can communicate via forum Private Messages!
Example 2:
I'm a programer.
I'm good at basic coding, along with coding custom GUI and some ATL elements (within reason).
I'm looking to work on any kind of project, I'm not picky!
I'm okay with communicating through e-mail or Skype chat.

➤ A group looking for more members

Please list the basic, spoiler-free characteristics, tags/warnings and mood of the idea you have, what kind of people are you looking for and how you plan to communicate!

Example 1:
Our group is working on a non-romantic slice of life comedy with magical elements set in japanese high school!
We have a programer, writer and a musician, but we *really* need an artist!
The story will have 3 characters and as many CGs as the artist can cram in during March.
We have a Skype chat group set up for meetings, so Skype availability would be great (don't worry, no voice chat!)
Example 2:
We're working on a BxG bittersweet story about hard choices in life and moving on from the past. There will be mentions of abuse.
We're specifically looking for a Background artist.
If you can design a custom GUI or contribute with some music, that'd be great!
We plan to work using Trello.

* If you're a solo person with an idea you'd like people to help you with, you're better posting as a group =)

Happy NaNo-ing! :'D


As a personal extra tidbit, please do remember to edit your post once you either a. Join a group. b. Update the team slots. Or c. Your team is full.

➤ A group looking for more members
Greetings to you all, this is Sunlit. I am a writer and this will possibly be my final nano.
Instead of my usual horror or romance, I plan to write a sad vn about a little girl. There will be child abuse and no fairy tale happy ending.
If you're interested please dm me. The main form of communication will most likely be through Discord.
Thank you for taking the time to read~

Team Thus Far:
Writer: Sunlit-Dreamer (Myself)
BG Artist: banannasquid
Sprite Artist: Akakuroneko
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#2 Post by alliotus »

[Found a project! But still happy to provide chibi art or projects that only require 1-2 sprites and no CGs ^^]

➤ A person looking for a group
Hi everyone, I'm an artist that goes by KeppaTea and despite working on 3 other projects I'm still super excited to do something for nano!! >:D

I can contribute to character sprites, 1 or maybe 2 CGs or chibis. I prefer drawing cute girls.
Interested in working on a GxG or BxG proj.

You can find me on:
Discord: Keppa Tea#4434
Or just message me here on Lemma = u =
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#3 Post by Godline »

➤ A group looking for more members

Hey guys, instead of working on something new I'll probably get my butt into gear and redo the zombie game for #intrenaimo

I absolutely HATE not finishing things.

Would love to bring any team members to the table to redo my flop of 2018 Nanoreno. If you're a writer and want to go all zombie otome style this year, jump on board.

A BG artist/CG artist would be most helpful.

I mostly just have sprites, a couple of backgrounds and some subpar writing. So I'm keen on an overhaul.
Let's do this thing!


I can help/consult/proofread on another project. Anyone can hit me up for that.

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#4 Post by Hazel-Bun »

➤ A group looking for more members

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia, but I go by Bun around here. Last year, Fungii and I started a BaraJam project, but we didn’t get past a rough outline and a sketch. So, we wanted to make this happened for NaNoRenO2020!

Our untitled VN is an 16+/18+ BxB survival/dating sim. It’s meant to be fairly short and pretty goofy. The premise? A hiker survives an avalanche only to wake up in a tropical paradise with a barely clothed “caveman.” Hijinks and kissing ensue.

We’re looking primarily for a composer and a UI artist. Thank you!

Contact Me:

Discord: zknight#3119
Twitter: @authorzknight
Facebook: @authorzknight
Email: zelda [at]
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#5 Post by PhoenixReadyGo »

➤ A group looking for more members

EDIT: CG Artist and Sprite Artist position filled! We are mainly looking for: BG Artists, Musicians, and Writers. Please contact before the 25th if you are interested.

Hello. I am looking for team members in help making a short, free Visual Novel for NaNoReno 2020. The main themes of the game are Time Travel and Second Chance Romance. The themes are open-ended for a purpose. The specifics of the story will be created to fit the strengths of the team members. This includes the gender of the characters, backstory, and setting.

If this is something you would like to be part of, please fill out the form here:

You will be asked about story preferences and examples of your work. Thank you for reading this. I hope we get the chance to work together.
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#6 Post by nefferinthia »

➤ A person looking for a group

Hi there! My name is Nef and I'm an artist. I'm really excited to try my hand at NaNoRenO! You can find examples of my work on my Twitter.

I can do character sprites and CGs (~1 per route). I'm also happy to do character designs.
My preferred projects to work on would be GxB, though I'm open to BxB as well.

The easiest way to contact me would be through Discord. My ID is nef#2504.
Otherwise feel free to send me a message here or on Twitter.

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#7 Post by godsavant »

➤ An artist looking for a group

Found a project for this year, thanks!
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#8 Post by Abyss_Team »

➤ A group looking for team members

Hello everyone! We came up with an abstract idea that we want to use for the upcoming Nanoreno 2020. Here's a very short summary:

A group of strangers are trapped inside an elevator. What seems to be a normal day quickly turns into a tumultuous one as superstitions go out of control and the devil starts murdering these strangers one by one. But is there really a supernatural entity out to kill them?

The story is inspired by the movie "The Devil" by M. Night Shyamalan and is meant to be a dark comedy, making fun of tropes common to horror movies, and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

This year, we're looking for a team to come along for the (elevator) ride. Let us know if you're interested! You can contact us through a PM, Twitter (@AbyssTeam1) or join our discord server (

We participated in last year's Nanoreno with Abyss. You can play it here:

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#9 Post by WitheredGryphon »

➤ A writer looking for a group

Hi there, I’m a writer looking to try his hand at Visual Novel writing. This will be my first NaNoReno, so I figured it’d be an excellent time to give VN writing a try. I’ve read a large range of Visual Novels (from Katawa Shoujo to Umineko to Baldr Sky) so I have a good understanding of their design. My favorite genres are adventure, fantasy, and mystery, but I’m willing to branch out depending on the story.

Here’s a writing sample from my current novel project: ... IZP2WeRXbc

You can reach me on Discord: WitheredGryphon#8698
Or via PM.

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#10 Post by celes91 »

➤ A translator/tester looking for a group
Hello! It's the first time that I try to partecipate on this. I'm currently working on a project on my own.
But I would like to attend.
I'm into romance/fantasy/horror/adventure but I don't like gore/splatter/violence scenes.

I would like to translate a game. I can translate from English to Italian. (So I can spread a game to italian readers)
I can also be a tester for glitch/bugs/etc. You can contact me trought PM or on twitter

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#11 Post by Sonomura »

➤ A voice actor looking for a group

Hello, and happy NaNoReno season again, everyone! My name's Eddie, and I'm a freelance voice actor. I had a lot of fun working with Sunlit-Dreamer on their entry for last year's NaNoReno, Home's Embrace, and I'd love to help make some projects for this year's NaNoReno come to life! You can hear my character demo reel here, and if you would like a full resume of my previous work or my current studio setup, I'm more than happy to provide those if requested.

I'll be able to work on any genre (but do have a slight preference for BxB games), and am more than happy to provide partial voice over work for multiple teams' projects if requested. Please feel free to contact me at any of the following:

Discord: sonomura#2138
Email: edwardmendozavo [at] gmail [dot] com

Please also feel free to follow up and message me if I don't see your first message as well! I'll also be re-recording a new set of standard voice packs anyone can use for their NaNoReno (or general indie) project and will edit this post to include a link to them in the near future as well.

I look forward to working with you all! Good luck, and best regards!

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#12 Post by Bristda »

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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#13 Post by onboroo »

Edit: Found a writer to work with! We're already planning and drafting things out, and might need a bg artist if anyone's interested! Any other offer for help is appreciated as well!

➤ An artist looking for a group

Hello! I'm a character artist looking to team up for nanoreno. Feel free to look over my works here! If you like what you see and are interested, please also consider the conditions/preferences below, to ensure that I could confidently work and finish my part of the workload! But of course you can still try and ask me first regardless of said preferences.

- Highly prefer romance, specifically GxB
- Sprites 1-3, CGs 1-3
- No extension/continuation of the project after the intended month please;;;

My discord is onboroo#1978 but you can pm me as well. Thanks for your time, and good luck to everyone!
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#14 Post by ThePhoenix »

"What if I told you that there was a way you could live forever, but the price attached would be you would have to watch everyone you know and care about die around you, While for all of eternity, Death would never grant you the mercy to join them. Would you still take the leap? I know I still did. but that is because I believed no one could ever get close to me. So I never got close to them, either."---Timothy Owens
We are a group looking for members.

Hello everyone. Our team is working on a VN about gaining immortality and what price that is paid from gaining it. The quote above is a quote from the MC who gained it. Currently we have a writer and a coder, We are looking for an artist or two and another coder if possible.
Feel free to contact me on discord for more info
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Kyan Jobel
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Re: NaNoReno 2020 General Recruitment Thread

#15 Post by Kyan Jobel »

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