[PAID] Hiring Trailer Video Editors (CLOSED)

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[PAID] Hiring Trailer Video Editors (CLOSED)

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Thank you so much to those who reached out! We've filled the positions.



We're looking to hire two video editors to each create trailers for our upcoming commercial visual novel "Our Life: Beginnings & Always". One will be a more general video showing character sprites and CGs mostly. The other will be showing off clips with different gamplay parts of the game. We'd like two editors to do these rather than one doing both so that they can be worked on simultaneously and hopefully be finished at around the same time.

We'll provide all the images, gameplay clips, and audio. Text and other effects will be added by the editor. Each trailer will be around three minutes, possibly shorter or longer. You can learn more about the game by checking out its demo page. It's very close to completion and will be launching in about seven weeks. The trailers are going to be used for the release.

Payment: Editor's rate
Paid Through: Paypal
Turnaround: 4 weeks or less
Communication: Email or Discord (after being hired)

If you're interested please send us samples of your prior work and a price estimate! Thank you very much.

Contact: gb.patch.games@gmail.com or comment below/send a DM here on Lemma
Floret Bond, XOXO Blood Droplets, Our Life
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