Hiring CG Artist to Mimic Style (CLOSED)

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Hiring CG Artist to Mimic Style (CLOSED)

#1 Post by Googaboga »

The position has been filled! Thank you for checking out our post.


Hello! We’re looking for an artist to help finish up CGs that will be included in DLCs for our commercial visual novel project “Our Life: Beginnings & Always”. The main game has already released.

General Info:
The payment amount for this work will be set by the applicant! We’ll need to know your rates.
Payments will be sent through Paypal.
We’ll update this post whenever the position has closed.
We’ll reply to applicants’ messages/comments to let them know we got it, but we won’t be able to inform everyone when the position has been filled. Please check back here if you’re curious about the current state of the position.

Job Details:
Mimicking the style already in the game.
Doing 6-8 full pieces within six or so months.
Creating images with backgrounds, characters, and variations from the base version (different expressions, hairstyles, etc).
Keeping pieces on separate layers so the different variations can be mixed and matched.
Drawing characters of different ages; children, teens, and adults.

Most CG images will have one character that’s bust-up or half body. A feature of the game is that one of the love interests, Cove, has different appearance options. Each of those appearance options will have to be drawn and included as separate layers for the CGs that feature him.

Info We Need:
Estimate payment rates for a base CG (background with a character).
Rates for adding an extra character.
Rates for alterations (extra expressions, new hairstyles, different outfits).
Examples of your previous work.
A mention of prior experience working on Visual Novels or other game projects, if applicable.
A link to your social media, or website, or some other place where your work is uploaded. It can’t be only attachments.

Game Art Style:
You can see visuals by checking out the full game here.
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129 ... s__Always/

It's the CG style (character and background in one image, rather than a character sprite laid over a separate background) that the artist will have to mimic.

You can contact us here on Lemmasoft or at our contact email.

Contact Email: gb.patch.games.apply@gmail.com

Thank you for the interest!
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