Mouse pointer changing

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Mouse pointer changing

#1 Post by VIGOR GAMES » Thu Apr 29, 2021 3:11 am

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with changing cursor in mid game....

I need change mouse pointer to zoomer for a while and then change it back to standart cursor.

I'm using this code, but it doesnt work properly.

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init python:
    def change_cursor(type="default"):
        persistent.mouse = type
        if type == "default":
            setattr(config, "mouse", None)
        elif type == "1":
            setattr(config, "mouse", {"default": [("images/1.png", 0, 0)]})
        elif type == "2":
            setattr(config, "mouse", {"default": [("images/2.png", 0, 0)]})

    if not hasattr(persistent, "mouse"):

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    $ change_cursor("1") #Here cursor must change to zoomer
    elina "Some text"
    scene w058_1

    elina "Some text"
    $ change_cursor() #Here cursor must change to standart

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