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Escaping Ahead

#1 Post by sumiya » Tue May 04, 2021 1:32 pm

Well, this will be my first serious post here (I signed the guestbook but that doesn't really count, right?).
My name is Sumiya and I want to finish my first VN, called Escaping Ahead.

The story my game tells, is about a young man who found out for himself that he is gay. Nobody knows it, yet but he wants to come out to his parents.
Now, the parents are not those super chilled hippie people who give love and peace to everything, but newly-rich squares, garden gnome collecting, football loving church goers, who would probably disown our hero on the spot.
Now, what will he do?
He is escaping ahead, moving all by himself to a big city to find his true love and enough strength to tell his family about his feelings.

In the city of Phirona, there are several paths to choose, as the story moves on, and seven guys to meet, become friends or even more.


My progress so far:
I've written the whole thing down. Every path is ready.
There are about 100 pictures ready to use, some of them need more details.


What I need:
Programming is my weak spot :( I know nothing of it and what I tried gave me headaches and no fun at all. I tried doing this with Visual Studio, wich turned out to be rather simple, but still I have no fun doing it and no time also. Once I stop programming for a few days, I forget almost everything about it.

So, I need someone to help me, someone who likes programming.
Someone who will do this just for fun and ask no money for it, since the game will be free to play.
Maybe I'll put a donation button somewhere and we'll split? I don't know yet.

What I also need, are sprites. I can do Backgrounds and random pictures, but really nice sprites with the right shadows are difficult for me.

I'll add three of the possible boyfriends.
Shawn 1.2.jpg
Rafael 1.5.jpg
Garrett jump 1.1.jpg

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Re: Escaping Ahead

#2 Post by mavyxdawn » Thu May 06, 2021 7:27 pm

Hi! You can find members here.
or also post here for anyone looking for a project.
Good luck!
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Re: Escaping Ahead

#3 Post by Bunnymom » Tue Jun 29, 2021 8:42 pm

Hi there, if you need a programmer feel free to message me here, or on my discord thegamegirl#3782
Here is a link to my own post offering my services, you can also see my resume there:

I am a professional programmer with multiple degrees, and have worked on many renpy and python projects. I also have references if you need them!

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