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VoiceMaker to RenPy (Voice)

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A python script that uses wafflecomposite/15.ai-Python-API to dub your Ren'Py game.

wafflecomposite's 15.ai-Python-API
Open your project in the Ren'Py launcher. Click on "Extract Dialogue", then on "Tab-delimited Spreadsheet (dialogue.tab)", then on Continue.

Still on the launcher, click on "base". The root folder of your project will open. Inside the "game" folder, create a new folder named "voice"

Move the "dialogue.tab" file, located at the root of your game, into the "voice" folder you just created.

Back to the launcher, open your "options.rpy" file. Find the "init python:" header, and in it type config.auto_voice = "voice/{id}.ogg", like so:


init python:

#Enables automatic voice
config.auto_voice = "voice/{id}.ogg"

## The following functions take file patterns. File patterns are case-
## insensitive, and matched against the path relative to the base directory,
## with and without a leading /. If multiple patterns match, the first is
## used.
Download both the VoiceMaker.py script from this repo, and wafflecomposite's 15.ai-Python-API fifteen_api.py

Place them both on the "voice" folder.

Open VoiceMaker.py and edit the "characters" list to the character call and the voice you want them to have. For example, I have a character who's identifier is "a", and nother who's identifier is "b". I want a to have Twilight's voice, and I want b to have Rise's. So I edit it like so: characters = [['a','Twilight Sparkle'],['b','Rise Kujikawa']]. You can add as meny as you want.

Save and run VoiceMaker.py. It will take a while. Like, a LONG while.

Once the script ends, launch your game and enjoy!

If you wanna help out, look no further!

Once all the voices have been created, it'd be nice to have some sort of check to make sure that all voices are there, since 15.ai's servers like to return a 502 error from time to time
Extra Notes:
This code can also be used with My vo.codes API just change the following lines in VoiceMaker.py:

from fifteen_api import FifteenAPI to from vocodes_api import VocodesAPI
tts_api = FifteenAPI() to tts_api = VocodesAPI()
tts_api.save_to_file(final_character,"Neutral",final_text,line[0] + '.wav') to tts_api.save_to_file(final_character,final_text,line[0] + '.wav')

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