Google Sheet Template for Ren'Py VNs

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Google Sheet Template for Ren'Py VNs

#1 Post by Andredron » ... ren-py-vns

This tool is for writers who aren't comfortable composing a game directly in a code editor, but who also don't want to be working in a finickity text editor that won't format the code properly, like word or scrivener or final draft pro.

The sheet uses dropdown menus to format text in cells to renpy-ready code to be copy-pasted into a code editor.

Here's the link to the sheet. Try it out and if you find it useful please come back and tip.

The google doc: RenPy Simple Text Formatter.

The following formats are set up under Basic Formatter:

Display Dialogue/Narration
Label, jump, pass, return
Assign speaking characters
Simple Show/Hide functions, including 'at left' etc.
Hashed out commentary
As Is text for more sophisticated codin
All the above plus the following under Standard Formatter:

Set boolean, string, integer, float variables
+ - integer and float variables
If, Elif, Else statements
Choice menus, including If Choice
All the above plus the following under Advanced Formatter:

Inventory System
Lists, Sets, Containers
It also includes a character page which will format define character declarations; a variable page for formatting default variable declarations; code for Inventory Containers; a page for defining objects/items; and a story arc planner, because the best thing about working in sheets is the versatility of features you can add, like scene maps, checklists, and other useful bits and pieces for creating and collaborating.

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