Little used features screen quick menu

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Little used features screen quick menu

#1 Post by Andredron »


I was collecting material for writing a paper on ui in visual novels (here are some sketches for those who are interested )

And when I started to write down the history of how ui changed in different periods, I came across the fact that in 2019 and up to now a lot of developers from Japan began to apply as in the image of this plan ui where a lot of shortcut buttons began to display on the screen (this is due to the emergence of widescreens, etc. there is a long story explaining why developers from Japan began to do so...).

And when I started to conduct a survey, I noticed that in Renpi a lot of articles how to do such chips, but that would be in 1 place it was collected unfortunately was not, and so I decided to collect all such solutions in one place.

Many of course will say that there is no need for such little-used chips on Renpi, but they allow you to improve the quality of visual novels, and populize among developers Renpi engine, and increase the threshold of entry into it newcomers.

1) Action in the Load/Save menu so that players could lock a game state


2) Swap Auto-Forward Speed around


Code: Select all

label _( "auto-forward time" ) 
null height ( 3 ) 
    text _( "slow" ) 
    bar value Preference( "auto-forward time" ) bar_invert True 
  text _( "fast" ) 
3) Text button with background.

4) Twitter button

First, use this tweet link tool to create a link to a tweet with fixed text including hashtags - Each social network has a similar tool, you can supplement with examples.

We get something like this:

Code: Select all

    idle "gui/tweet_hover.png"
    action OpenURL("”)
    alt _("Twitter")
If you want to partially generate another sentence using the button:

Code: Select all

 mochi = "inuhiko"

    idle "gui/tweet_hover.png"
    action OpenURL(""+mochi+"%E3%83%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AA%E3%82%A2%EF%BC%81%E3%80%80%23%E3%83%8F%E3%83%9F%E3%83%85%E3%82%AD")
    alt _("Twitter")
5) Continue automatic state even after pressing

Code: Select all

preferences.afm_after_click = True

Code: Select all

textbutton _( "Auto-continue after click" ) action ToggleVariable( "preferences.afm_after_click" , true_value= True , false_value= False )
6) Inactive translucent buttons

Code: Select all

            idle "images/skipA.png"
            hover "images/skipA2.png"
            insensitive "skipA3"

Code: Select all

transform opa_hover:
        linear 0 matrixcolor OpacityMatrix(0.5)

    image skipA3 = At("skipA.png", opa_hover)

7) Renpy mouse tooltip

8) Voice Replay

Code: Select all

textbutton _("repeat") action VoiceReplay() text_size 17
9) Skip with sound


10) On and off mode. ... s_optional

11) On and off vibration(Android and ios)


12) Adv and NVL Mode


13) Setting up an option to toggle dialogue between left and centered.


14) Drop down menus ... down-menus

15) Screenshot button


16) Button Volume


17) Stop the song and the make it play again from the point it was stopped


18) Pull-out side menu (panel) ... -mousearea

19) Screen Magnifier. ... m.html?m=1

20) Hide Interface ui

Code: Select all

imagebutton auto "gui/quick_menu/load_button_%s.png" action [HideInterface(), Hide("in_game_menu")
The HideInterface() hides the window

Hide() function hides the menu you were in. That way this can go in a menu.

If you want it to be a quick menu feature just remove the Hide() so it looks like:

Code: Select all

imagebutton auto "gui/quick_menu/load_button_%s.png" action HideInterface()

21) Dialog box transparency

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