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Ren'Py Sync

#1 Post by Andredron »

Can you please give an example of how to use Ren'Py Sync ... en-py-sync

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                if config.has_sync:
                    if CurrentScreenName() == "save":
                        textbutton _("Upload Sync"):
                            action UploadSync()
                            xalign 0.5
                        textbutton _("Download Sync"):
                            action DownloadSync()
                            xalign 0.5 ... nc-actions

How to add news to the project, and then there is a link to information on how to do it.

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Re: Ren'Py Sync

#2 Post by PyTom »

Other than adding the things to your game - what do you need to know? When you click the button - it should explain the feature to you.
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Re: Ren'Py Sync

#3 Post by komehara »

Erm, I'm not sure if I understand the OP's request as they give the example themselves, but in my case I know I had a hard time finding how to use the new Renpy Sync feature. Searching "upload sync" on search engine gave no example, I had to search manually on Lemmasoft to find this page which is the only one that contained an actual example.

So my request would be to put this example (and more if you have an even better canonical example) on some official Renpy doc page.

Currently shows no code and links to Renpy homepage. It would be great if it linked to a dedicated Renpy doc page which contains both the explanations on its workings and examples how to to integrate it on the Save/Load or some other screen.

I suppose the two other pages: ... en-py-sync ... nc-actions

could also link to that new page, but I suppose once it's created it will become number 1 result on search engine as long as it's hyperlinked somewhere eg from the table of contents? (not sure how SEO works on doc pages, but at least it will exist and be searchable from doc)

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