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Images in gallery

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Hey everyone!

I'm working on a gallery. I want it to be the same kind as the "Save" and "Load" screen. Here's what I made so far:

Code: Select all

init python:
    images_list = ["Ezekiel_2000s_anime_still_visual_novel_background_background_as_4a9ce919-08ea-4f21-b735-888b764b29ed.png","Ezekiel_2000s_anime_still_visual_novel_background_background_as_5a949abb-2e85-4c2a-b8fa-f3cda563b848.png","Bedroom (Anime Background) 007.jpeg"]
    current_images_index = 0
    selected_image = None  # Reset the selected image when the screen is shown
    for image in images_list:
        scaled_thumbnail = im.Scale(image, 414, 309)
    def set_selected_image(image):
        global selected_image
        selected_image = image

screen gallery_slots(title):
    default page_name_value = FilePageNameInputValue(pattern=_("Page {}"))

    use game_menu(title):


            ## This ensures the input will get the enter event before any of the
            ## buttons do.
            order_reverse True

            ## The page name, which can be edited by clicking on a button.
                style "page_label"

                key_events True
                xalign 0.5
                action page_name_value.Toggle()

                    style "page_label_text"
                    value page_name_value

            ## The grid of file slots.
            grid gui.file_slot_cols gui.file_slot_rows:
                style_prefix "slot"

                xalign 0.5
                yalign 0.5

                spacing gui.slot_spacing

                for i in range(gui.file_slot_cols * gui.file_slot_rows):
                    if i < len(images_list):
                        $ image_file = im.Scale(images_list[i], 384, 216)
                        $ image_big = im.Scale(images_list[i], 1760, 990)
                            action [Function(set_selected_image, image_big), Show("image_bigger")]
                            add Image(image_file)
                        add "gui/Lock_mini copie.png"

            ## Buttons to access other pages.
                style_prefix "page"

                xalign 0.5
                yalign 1.0

                spacing gui.page_spacing

                textbutton _("<") action FilePagePrevious()

                for page in range(1, 10):
                    textbutton "[page]" action FilePage(page)

                textbutton _(">") action FilePageNext()
However, no matter what page I go in, the images stay the same (Screenshots below)
Capture d’écran 2023-12-02 à 00.03.17.png
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Capture d’écran 2023-12-02 à 00.02.12.png
(2.79 MiB) Not downloaded yet
How do I fix that? Thank you!!

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