Love is War (Remake) [GxB][Comedy, Romance][School][Gunfight][Catfight]

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Love is War (Remake) [GxB][Comedy, Romance][School][Gunfight][Catfight]

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(This is a remake of "Hayase Yuuka Love is War [Blue Archive Fangame]" with the same story, but replaced visuals and music.)

Yukari loves Sensei but had to fight the obsessive Sakuya & Sakura, vengeful Tama, and One-Punch Girl Chiaki?!

Play/Download Link: Love is War (Remake)
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A bomb exploded and Sensei was called to investigate the scene. Yukari, fearing the worst might happen to her beloved Sensei, grows anxious and rushes out to confess her love for Sensei, only to find other girls who are against it do everything to block her way?!

Help Yukari fight her way through the obsessive Sakuya, overprotective Sakura, vengeful Tama, and One-Punch Girl Chiaki!

Will you be able to help Yukari win the war for Sensei's heart and bring her love to fruition? Or will you let her fail and miss this golden opportunity as time runs out?

Play the game to find out the answer!

  • Enjoy a fun and lovely experience in this romance-comedy visual novel interactive story.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Beautiful visuals, backgrounds, and sprites.
  • Optimized UI and device compatibility for a smooth gameplay experience.
  • Beautiful music that induces a comedic and romantic mood on one hand; And a dramatic, tense atmosphere on the other.
  • Engaging sound effects.

This game tells the story from Yukari's perspective in the main story and Sensei's perspective in the epilogue.


My request for you:
Please tell one of your friends about this if you like the game.

Thank you~

Play/Download Link: Love is War (Remake)
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