The Better EMR Phone Framework

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The Better EMR Phone Framework

#1 Post by Elckarow »

about time i post it here

A complete, complex yet simple to use Ren'Py phone framework.




Ranging from text messages to phone calls, as well as a fully fletched out UI, this framework will make your visual novel look more realistic than ever.

Comes in with built-in Calendar, Call history and Text messages applications, as well as some nice on-click visual effects.

The project's repository can be found here. Official documentation can be found here.

Terms of Use.
You may:
-Use this code in commercial and noncommercial projects.
-Modify and edit the code to suit your needs

You may not:
-Resell all or part of the code as-is or sell it with modifications
-Release any projects created using this code without providing attribution

You must credit me as Elckarow, either via a link my Itch profile or my GitHub profile.

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