Is this a good idea for a setup/character motivation?

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Is this a good idea for a setup/character motivation?

#1 Post by AmanoBlakku »

I'm in the process of drafting the plot to a JRPG-esque fantasy-adventure visual novel and I've been struggling with trying to come up on how to motivate my character to kickstart his journey, but I think I've been able to narrow it down:
  • MC is living his days in peace in a small village that his now-missing father has protected, but has grown somewhat lazy and goes through the motions
  • He meets a new friend, who tells him about a MacGuffin that can supposedly grant one's desires, but he thinks it's just a myth
  • He meets up with his master, who tells MC that he's been having premonitions about an evil that will take over the village, and also tells him about the MacGuffin that can stop it from happening. His master wants to employ him to help him find it, but doesn't think he's up for it. Said master would go himself, but fears that he's becoming weaker and might die trying.
  • MC wants to brush of the premonition, but later gets ambushed by one of his father's old enemies
  • MC is shocked by this new twist of events, but comes to a realization that if he looks for the MacGuffin, he could possibly find his missing father, and agrees to tag along with his new friend to go search for it
I'm still working out the kinks of the story, but I believe that this might be a step in the right direction, though I feel that I have a lot to work on. Either way, feedback would be nice.

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Re: Is this a good idea for a setup/character motivation?

#2 Post by EnthuasticLearner »

1. Is the MacGuffin the friend mentioned the same MacGuffin as the MC's mention?
2. Is the MC's new friend a sidekick or a partner? Will that friend help the MC or be a detriment to the MC?

That's the questions I can think of to help you. You can check out the YouTube channel, Writer Brandon Mcnulty. He has excellent advice on stuff like this.
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