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Re: Lemma Soft Forums Reception Desk

#76 Post by Deadpool209977 »


Just did a lot of reading and the first thing I need help with is where I post/ask for help with selection/choice paths.
I found some really nice tuts on making up the choices and writing in the path for that choice but my question goes a lot deeper and I want to ensure I post it in the right place.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


NM, I think I found it.

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Re: Lemma Soft Forums Reception Desk

#77 Post by EnthuasticLearner »

Hi! Where is the place to get help with errors? I don't want to keep spamming the Discord server with that kind of thing.

Thank you for reading this and (potentially) pointing me to the right place!
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Re: Lemma Soft Forums Reception Desk

#78 Post by Donmai »

Hi EnthuasticLearner. Welcome to LemmaSoft Forums.
If you're talking about Ren'Py, you should ask your questions here:

Good luck.
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