Connect RenPy with Stable Diffusion(Сonfetti)

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Connect RenPy with Stable Diffusion(Сonfetti)

#1 Post by Andredron »

Connect RenPy with Stable Diffusion via ComfyUI

It is a Python script to connect your RenPy visual novels to Stable Diffusion via ComfyUI workflows

What is a "workflow"? It is a file with step-by-step instructions for Stable Diffusion on what image you want to generate

The idea is simple:

You prepare workflows for ComfyUI, put them in the game/workflows directory
Then in your renpy script files you call the generate function with the name of this workflow in a background thread
Confetti sends this workflow to the ComfyUI server (local or global)
ComfyUI generates image and sends it back
Confetti stores this image in the game/images folder
You show this image to a player
You need websocket-client
This script uses websocket-client package to communicate with ComfyUI server. So you need to pack this package in your game:

pip install --target game/python-packages websocket-client

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