Parts of the Elephant [Free][Short][Mystery]

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Parts of the Elephant [Free][Short][Mystery]

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Weird things are happening in the Elephant Hotel. It's getting late, you're getting drunk, and moments in the lives of strangers are scattered around you like spilled puzzle pieces. Can you put it all together?

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Parts of the Elephant is a short and moody visual novel inspired by Sleep No More, where you decide which threads to follow as the world keeps moving around you.
  • Explore the liminal space of a creepy hotel
  • Find interesting strangers
  • Learn lessons vicariously through brief glimpses of their lives
...or just make an ass out of yourself until you pass out in someone's bed.

The game is designed so that a single run is only about 20-30 minutes, but there's lots to find!

Available for free on Steam and Itch!

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