How to replicate the id generated by Ren'Py?

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How to replicate the id generated by Ren'Py?

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Good morning!
Currently, the voice acting process we use involves creating the script for the visual novel, generating the .rpy files from this script, updating the, and then using a script to extract all character lines into a spreadsheet, accompanied by the id (which is the title of the audio file that will be saved, to be used through auto voicing).
However, I need to modify this flow so that the dubbing takes place before we generate the .rpy files. Therefore, I need to be able to generate the same id that Ren'Py creates for each of the dialogues, so that when the .rpy files are generated, the already saved audios do not need to be renamed one by one. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can do this? I looked in the Ren'Py SDK and couldn't find where these ids are generated and what process is done.

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Re: How to replicate the id generated by Ren'Py?

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Long story short, it is generated from current label name, hash of line contents and potentially a number if ID collides with any other previous ID.

Relevant code is here: ...
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