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Dnd calculator on renpy

#1 Post by Andredron »

- The video has a buggy version, already fixed.

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default roll_history = []
default dice_type = 6
default dice_count = 1
default modifier = 0
default result = 0

init python:
    import json
    import random

    # Function for rolling dice
    def roll_dice(dice_type, dice_count, modifier):
        # access result variable from renpy
        global result

        # then update it with new roll
        result = sum(random.randint(1, dice_type) for _ in range(dice_count)) + modifier

        save_roll(dice_type, dice_count, modifier, result)

    # Function for saving the results of a roll to history
    def save_roll(dice_type, dice_count, modifier, result):
            "dice_type": dice_type,
            "dice_count": dice_count,
            "modifier": modifier,
            "result": result
        with open("roll_history.json", "w") as f:
            json.dump(roll_history, f)

# Dice roll screen
screen roll_dice_screen:
    default txt_to_show = "No previous rolls."

        xalign 0.5
        yalign 0.5
        spacing 10

        # Select a die type
        text "Select dice type:"
            spacing 10
            textbutton "d4" action SetVariable("dice_type", 4)
            textbutton "d6" action SetVariable("dice_type", 6)
            textbutton "d8" action SetVariable("dice_type", 8)
            textbutton "d10" action SetVariable("dice_type", 10)
            textbutton "d12" action SetVariable("dice_type", 12)
            textbutton "d20" action SetVariable("dice_type", 20)
            textbutton "d100" action SetVariable("dice_type", 100)

        # Select the number of dice
        text "Select the number of dice:"
            spacing 10
            textbutton "-1" action If(dice_count > 1, SetVariable("dice_count", dice_count - 1))
            text "[dice_count]d[dice_type]"
            textbutton "+1" action SetVariable("dice_count", dice_count + 1)

        # Select modifier
        text "Select modifier:"
            spacing 10
            textbutton "-1" action SetVariable("modifier", modifier - 1)
            text "[modifier]"
            textbutton "+1" action SetVariable("modifier", modifier + 1)

        # Dice roll button
        textbutton "Roll" action [
            Function(roll_dice, dice_type, dice_count, modifier),
        ] xalign 0.5 yalign 0.9

        if result:
            text "Result: [result]" xalign 0.5 yalign 0.5

        if roll_history:
            $ txt_to_show = "Your last roll: {dice_count}d{dice_type}+{modifier} = {result}".format(**roll_history[-1])

        text txt_to_show

label start:
    # Attempt to load the roll history from a file
            with open("roll_history.json", "r") as f:
                roll_history = json.load(f)
        except FileNotFoundError:

    call screen roll_dice_screen

Big thanks to discord man @djdrachenfels for fixing the bugs and explaining why you can't do that!

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