Feedback: Most Wanted Pre-made VN Sprites?

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Feedback: Most Wanted Pre-made VN Sprites?

#1 Post by artNPC »

Hi there everyone,

I was thinking of making some VN sprites for practice. If these turn out satisfactory, I would like to upload them as pre-made assets, instead of having them rot away on my computer.
So, I would like to know what kind of sprites would be the most appealing as pre-made VN assets. Personally, I have seen mostly school-themed ones, but I don't feel like many people actually go for school settings. However, this might just be my perspective, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Additionally, if there are other themes or styles that are in high demand, I'd love to hear about them.
Thank you!

In addition, some examples of my character art style below (mostly sketches):
Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Character Art & Design

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Re: Feedback: Most Wanted Pre-made VN Sprites?

#2 Post by Bloom »

Well, there are lots and lots of high school visual novels out there! But I think if people buy pre-made sprites, it would be for side characters only, since they would most likely already have an idea on how their protagonists look like and would prefer to have them display their personalities. I think Kemono is very popular as well, since it works for basically any anime-styled game with any degree of fantasy themes.
So, consider offering main character commisions and pre-made side characters of varying ages and positions! Like policemen, detectives, stalkers, teachers, secretaries, and make your own job easier by adding optative features such as animal ears you stored in separate folders or different color palettes, unnatural skin color variations, wings, etc.
PS. LOOOOVE your art.

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