[OPEN] [FOR HIRE] CG, sprite, concept, character design, promotional art illustrator

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[OPEN] [FOR HIRE] CG, sprite, concept, character design, promotional art illustrator

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hello!! i'm an illustrator looking for a paid position/work. i can do CG, concept art, sprite work or promotional art. i also don't mind doing character design too. i'm specifically looking to work on a visual novel but am also open to working on other genres.

i specialize in particular illustrator work but am open to working on any of the work mentioned earlier. i have an anime art style but am also open to doing work in a style that is adjacent/similar to it. the type of positions i'm looking for can be either long term or short term. pay rates can be discussed if youre interested in having me join you and/or your team. I also don't mind it being revshare too.

please feel free to message me on discord (@yyumeno41) or email me (yyumeno41@gmail.com) if you would like me to work with you! if you would also like to see my full portfolio, that can be viewed here https://yyuport.carrd.co/

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