Questions - CG Gallery, Title Music, Finishing Packaging

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Questions - CG Gallery, Title Music, Finishing Packaging

#1 Post by dashinghero » Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:04 am

Hello, I have a few questions, I'm sorry if they have been answered before. I'm using ver. 5.4.4, and attempting to switch to 6.2.0.

1 - I want to add music to the title screen of the game. Is it possible, and what and where do I add it?

2 - I've been trying hard to get a CG Gallery to work, but it's impossible in 5.4.4, and in 6.2.0 I finally got it to work, but I don't know what code to have added to make a CG appear in the gallery right after it's been seen?

3 - I'm nowhere close to finishing my game, but how do I when it's finished package it up in an .exe to install it? As well, have my data folder incoded so that it can't be accessed easily?

4 - Along with the packaging, how can I have a file/folder sit out next to the .exe? Like a readme or bonus folder.

Thanks for the help.

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#2 Post by DaFool » Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:40 am

1. In 6.2.0 in the options.rpy generated when you create a new project, you can set the config main menu music.

2. ... CG_Gallery
(haven't yet tried a CG gallery myself, though I believe this is the most sophisticated version.)

3. You will need to use a 3rd party packager.

To obfuscate your game folder, use the obfuscation tool built into the launcher.

4. Place the Readme.txt and other files inside the folder with the same name as your game, but OUTSIDE the /game folder. When you you use the Ren'Py build distributions, it should place it in the top level.

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