Collaboration on Investigation Dating Sim

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Collaboration on Investigation Dating Sim

#1 Post by MemeLordKomaeda » Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:59 pm

I've began to brainstorm on ideas on Visual Novels/Dating Sims and came across the idea to make this. My initial thought was for it to be a normal school dating-sim, but due to my interest in Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2, I've decided on making it an investigation dating-sim. I've gotta help from my friend for the overall setting and one event. I'll elaborate on that in a bit. Right now, I really need an artist for backgrounds. I believe I'm set with character designs, but I may need some in the future.
This project will contain 22+ characters. That will make more than 22 possible endings as to go with it. Out of the 22+ characters, only 1 has had an official design. The way this is working is I'm making a rough redesign of the characters using Paint (No use in wasting money on better programs if I can't draw!) based on a picture I made before and sending the redesign to my friend so that she can recreate that image to make it better. That being said, character design is going to be a pain. That's why I'm looking for a background artist. I don't really have any money, so I'm asking for free collaboration. I promise to give credit to all submitted art that is used. If you have any story ideas, please leave a comment. I'm interested in what you guys have in mind. I'll be putting things into sections so just search for the ones you're interested in.

Story so far:
At the moment the story is about a young man (Undecided name) who is a freshman in college to major in criminal investigation. He eventually joins a Paranormal Club where a lot of SPOOKY STUFF happens. That's all we have at the moment. Once we get all of the characters-or at least their names-I'll start accepting ideas for the story.


As I've said before, we are a little bit busy with character designs, so we need some backgrounds. So far we only have 3 definite locations: the front of the college, the Paranormal Club room, and the protag's bedroom. As the story develops, more areas will be added.
In order to submit an application, I will need you to fill out this application:
Scene drawn by you (Doesn’t have to be related to this sim.):
There is currently no due date on applications.

Currently, there are only two drawn-out characters. My friend has only remastered one of them. Right now we only have concept art. I'll be putting up the actual sprites as they are made. If you wish to submit an OC, please fill out this app:
OC Name:
Major (for the college):
Extra information:
(If you have ideas for their path, send me a PM)

Current Characters:

I'll be updating those along the way.

Music: I don't have much to inform on this at the moment. If you do wish to make music for this, here is an application:
Music sample:

That's it on this project for now. Make sure to check back every so often for updates! Also, if I made a mistake or you need something further elaborated, please tell me. Bye!

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Re: Collaboration on Investigation Dating Sim

#2 Post by Washu_Ira » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:52 am

Man I wish I could help but BG just is not my thing. good luck to you.

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Re: Collaboration on Investigation Dating Sim

#3 Post by gekiganwing » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:38 am

You might be excited about your project, MemeLordKomaeda. That said, please consider the following thoughts carefully:

* A lot of ambitious projects get started but then stop updating. This isn't unique to Lemma Soft... I've seen similar problems on other forums. Real life gets in the way. People can't continue to create because of problems regarding their money, health, relationships, and other important things.

* Boredom and perfectionism often keep people from writing. Furthermore, it isn't easy to commit to a schedule, or commit to getting a specific part of the story done by a specific deadline.

* Working alone isn't easy. Getting along with others _can_ be even tougher.

I don't want to discourage you. Create what you want. Just make sure to think about how committed you are to your project. Decide if you will need to reduce the number of characters, the amount and complexity of gameplay, the length of the story, or the numbers of paths and decisions.

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