Looking for Male Voice Actors

For recruitment of team members to help create visual novels and story-based games, and for people who want to offer their services to create the same.
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Sir Katherine
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Looking for Male Voice Actors

#1 Post by Sir Katherine » Fri May 09, 2014 8:02 pm

Hello all.

I'm in the process of creating a visual novel called Checkmate, and I'd like it to be voiced. So I'm recruiting voice actors!

Here's a summary of the project:

Checkmate is set in the next millennium of America. It is not a happy place. It is not a good place. The rich thrive until they are assassinated or drink themselves to death, while the poor "street rats" sleep in the alleyways and the sewers. Our protagonist, Sean, one of said street rats, wakes up one day in an arena, surrounded by fifteen other boys and girls. An announcer tells them all that they are the lucky participants in a not-so-new game for the upper-class: chess. Human chess. Each of them has a "piece" to play, be it pawn or king. In Sean's case, it's king. Which seems all well and good until the announcer says that the goal of the game is to kill the king of the opposing team. As the survival game progresses, Sean begins to realize that the game master's selection of players may not be as random as it initially seemed.

Now, I should let you know that this is going to be a boys' love game. That's why I need specifically male voice acting talents. If you're uncomfortable with that, please don't audition.

A bit about the progress made on the game:

I have completed the script of the common route and one of the character routes (out of four). That's about 20,000 words. I am also working with a wonderful artist, who has sketched out designs for most of the main characters. I realize that this isn't a lot, but the deadline for the voice acting auditions is July 25, and I plan to be done with the full script by then.

I would not be able to pay you for this, as I am a bit short on money.

Here are the characters open for audition and their audition lines:

Main Characters

Sean: Sean is the protagonist of the game. He is a "morally grey" street rat, who will do anything to survive. 18 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Business like and blunt) "I’ll fuck you for two hundred. But I’m not kissing you for any less than three."
2) (Said as a mockery of this line, which was spoken to him earlier: “Let me tell you what I’m going to do. First, I’m going to kill your friend, slowly, let you watch. Then I’m going to rape you. What was the price we agreed on? Two hundred, yes?”) "Let me tell you what we’re going to do. First, we’re going to kill you, quickly, so you don’t scream too loud. And that’s it. We won’t rape you. Because we’re not sick fucking monsters."
3) (Serious, persuasive) "So. If we refuse, we die. But, if we fight, if we win—did you hear the reward? Food and shelter. In other words, life. A home. Every day we’ve spent on the streets, we’ve been fighting for survival. The difference now is: we can win."

Devin: Devin, another street rat, is Sean's best and only friend. He's generally a cheerful guy, until something makes him mad, at which point he can get scary. 19 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Happy, joking) "Never gotten to see you with bedhead before."
2) (Cold, trying to hold in anger) "Get out of here. Now."
3) (Bittersweet) "I know what you’re doing, Sean. You don’t hate me. I don’t believe that you’d give up on me so easily."

Milo: Milo may be a pawn in Sean's army (literally), but he doesn't plan on just bowing down and following orders. And he's got the intelligence to back up the spunk. What's more, he seems to have played the real game of chess, even though he's only a street rat. He's shrewd and cunning and perhaps a bit too willing to make sacrifices. 16 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Impatient) "If you’re done comparing dick sizes, I still have something to say."
2) (Being patronizing without realizing it) "But that’s not really important. The only really important thing she left out is something that you all noticed but didn’t realize."
3) (Mad at and frustrated with himself) "I should have realized it sooner! I had all the clues, and I missed it!"

Griffith: Griffith, Sean's "queen," looks to be about the only decent human being in the whole world. He has strong morals and is loyal. He's also shy and socially awkward. But if he's truly as pure as he seems, how did he end up in this group of killers? By the way, he has a deep voice. He's a seme. 18 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Awkward, when asked his name) "…Griffith."
2) (Cold) "Don’t do that again."
3) (Confused) "I don’t understand."

Robin: Robin is the king opposite Sean. He's a mysterious and cold figure. 19 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Mildly curious) "Have you figured it out yet?"
2) (Spoken as though it has a deeper meaning) "Peace, little brother."
3) (Effortlessly commanding) "Out. All of you. Get out."

"Announcer": The person who created the game. She announces the rules to the players and watches them as they play, laughing at their misery. Adult.
Audition lines:
1) (Pouting) "This is all getting a bit boring, isn’t it? Rules, rules, rules. Let’s talk about death. *Insane laughter.*"
2) (Happy) "Mmm, fascinating. You found the next rule rather quickly, didn’t you? Even before the other team. Well, let me elucidate things for you."
3) (Sickeningly sweet and ironically reassuring) "Now then. You may have some questions. Why me? What did I do wrong? Don’t worry. You did nothing. I was looking for street rats. I picked you out of hundreds. And it was all by chance. You couldn’t have stopped it. Blame fate, not yourselves."

Side Characters

Shelton: Shelton is one of Sean's knights. He's neither polite nor bright, which makes for a particularly irritating combination. 20 years old.
Audition lines:
1) (Say it as though you’re shrugging.) "No. I’m not doing it."
2) (Threatening) "You think you’re better than me just because someone called you king?"
3) (Panicky) "You can go die; I’m not killing her!"

"Rich man": A man who happens to meet Sean while looking for a certain...service. He's a disgusting pig who will kill for the smallest offenses. Adult.
Audition lines:
1) (Grinning, trying to be charming) "Everyone has his price. I think I can spare two hundred. Shall we—"
2) (Smug, barely able to contain his excitement) "Let me tell you what I’m going to do. First, I’m going to kill your friend, slowly, let you watch. Then I’m going to rape you. What was the price we agreed on? Two hundred, yes?"
3) (Terrified) I won’t come after you! I swear! I’ll never come looking for you again!"

"Sailor": A sailor who doesn't mind doing the occasional odd job. Adult.
Audition lines:
1) (Uncaring) "These the ones?"
2) "*Scream of pain*"

"Man": A man in Sean's dreams. Adult.
Audition lines:
1) "*Say 'Sean' with several different inflections (e.g. loving, happy, proud, worried, afraid)*"
2) (Terrified for someone he loves) "No!"

"Woman": A woman in Sean's dreams. Adult.
Audition line:
1) "*Say 'Sean' with several different inflections (e.g. loving, happy, proud, worried, afraid)*"

"Castle": A cruel castle from the team opposite Sean's. Young adult.
Audition lines:
1) "Hey! Who are you?"
2) "Oh? Who’s gonna stop me?"
3) "He looks like he’s about to faint!"

"Old man": A mysterious yet jovial old man.
Audition lines:
1) "I don’t believe it! When I heard that you were alive—"
2) "Of course. Habit can make fools of us all."
3) "Certainly. Anything for your mother."

And that's it. If you're interested, reply here or PM me.

Please consider it, at least!


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Re: Looking for Male Voice Actors

#2 Post by Heartstrings » Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:26 am

I'd love to do this, but I don't have a proper mic...
Good luck with this though, sounds like an awesome VN, I'll be looking out for it!

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