Feedback/Critique on Voice Acting? + (Free) VA for Hire

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Re: Feedback/Critique on Voice Acting? + (Free) VA for Hire

#16 Post by Sorakun » Tue May 13, 2014 4:17 am

theskiesareblue wrote:Thanks for the feedback guys:)) And just to clear things up, my mic is a blue snowball, which ranges up to 50-100 (depending on where it is bought) so I am hoping that it is serviceable enough for when there's no echo effect placed on it - could it be because I raised my input level too high, resulting in it catching a lot of background noise?
If you have your input level too high it will definitely pick up echo, also you might want to try changing whatever recording program you are using, as different recording programs will read the audio differently which can cause different effects.

Personally id recommend audacity for both recording and also editing of the audio that you want to use, you can often remove a lot of the unwanted effects with it, though it may take some time to learn to use some of the features in it.

Also a tip would be to get a high quality headset (not a gaming headset) to listen to your recording afterward. A higher quality audio headset will let you hear a lot of the small things that would be inaudible otherwise.

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Re: Feedback/Critique on Voice Acting? + (Free) VA for Hire

#17 Post by pickle131 » Tue May 13, 2014 6:31 pm

Awh thanks! ^^ If it's a blue snowball, it's most likely not the microphone itself, but something in the room or even the room itself. There might be some sort of frequence interfering, or the sound may be bouncing off walls and echoing back into the mic. It may even be a computer fan haha. I recommend playing around with noise removal, different sound treatments (if you do a google search there are ways to test this with everyday things you have at home, it may not be professional quality but will help substantially) etc. If your mic is right next to a computer, maybe try putting it in a different area of the room too, to see if that helps.
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