[PAID] Looking for GUI artist-- FOUND

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[PAID] Looking for GUI artist-- FOUND

#1 Post by kitsubasa » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:03 am

UPDATE: I've found someone to help, so this role is closed! Thanks!

Hi all! I’m currently looking for a GUI artist for my current game project, Like She Had Wings. While I have a WIP thread over here, a brief summary for those who want the tl;dr version:

LSHW is an action/urban fantasy/romance visual novel which is taking big plot and aesthetic cues from things like Shadow Hearts and Chrono Crusade. The game is about a 50/50 split between action/fantasy and romance/friendship aspects, with each route having a variety of endings depending on how well you dealt with the action and intrigue and how well you interacted with the other characters. The plot, set in a modern alternate Earth, follows a former magical law enforcement officer, Artemis King, as she deals with her recent transformation into a demon and the social and legal complications of being a rare magical creature. Romance routes run the full spectrum of Gx--- (we’ve got GxG, GxB and GxX) and two of the five routes are platonic friendships; though you can choose to avoid romance entirely for everything but the secret route and not run into any major issues.

All those details out of the way; what am I after? Well, I’m seeking an artist who can design and draw the game’s GUI, which will definitely include:

-Main menu screen
-Options screen
-Extras menu
-Ending checklist screen
-CG gallery
-Save/load screen
-Dialogue boxes
-Choice boxes
-Yes/no prompts

Basically, just the standard stuff-- at least for now. I may, down the line, add a couple more items to the list, so I’d really like to find a GUI artist who thinks they’ll be available/around the place for the next 5-6 months so that if I need anything added as the game takes shape, I can get it organised! Features that might be added to the list in the future, by the way, include a chapter select and a music player.

Linked here are some samples of the sprite art, the backgrounds, and the logo (pre- title change; ignore the outdated name, it’s being taken care of) for style reference. The game is mostly going to be in darker, faded colours, and I’m thinking the GUI would be best in red to match our protagonist’s colour scheme. The other stylistic aspects of the GUI we can discuss together and decide an appropriate approach. I’ve got the design senses of a particularly tasteless rock, so suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.

Now, as for payment; I’m funding this game out of pocket with my part-time job, so I don’t have a huge budget, but from some of the threads I’ve seen around the forums, I think I can afford the base rates of most artists around here. I can pay by Paypal, and I’m flexible with whatever you usually go with for payment; upfront, installments, half first/half after, whatever.

So, if anyone’s interested in giving me a helping hand, either post or PM me some examples of previous GUI work you’ve done, as well as your prices and what your estimated turnaround time would be on the above, and I’ll see if you’re the right person for the job! Thanks for reading and have a cool day. : )
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Re: [PAID] Looking for GUI artist

#2 Post by Morhighan » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:10 pm

PMing as we speak. :3

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