Merry Christmas!!! 2007

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Mr. E
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#10 Post by Mr. E »

Merry christmas to everyone in the Lemmasoft Forums. This was a great year and depsite the fact I've been posting so little lately, I still enjoy the forum and its conversation, games and atmosphere a lot. :D
This is a small token of apreciation/random bout of creativity. I won't put it in the completed games section because it's way too small... Consider it a different type of christmas card.
A perfect way to say merry christmas for a forum of VN creators/readers, actually. :D

EDIT- Fixed the preferences bug and updated Ren'Py. Once again, merry christmas to everyone.
The Christmas
The fixed version.
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#11 Post by Ignosco »

Merry Christmas everyone :D

Mr. E: I'm glad to see that 'sketch' get used somewhere - it was very out of character for N+L :D :P

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#12 Post by JQuartz »

Ha Ha Ha Merry Holidays.
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#13 Post by MoonlightBomber »

Maligayang Pasko!

(It's six hours left on my time zone.)
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#14 Post by Hime »

メリークリスマス (merii kurisumasu for those who can't display Japanese characters)
And happy new year 2008. Let's try our best this year too and create lots of new visual novels! ^^

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#15 Post by monele »

The Christmas
"Can't find ending.jpg" when I try going in preferences. Also a weird cursor behavior when fullscreen : it's stuck in the upper left corner o_o

EDIT : still played it ^^.. Well that was nice :). Very reminescent of the after-life one with the meetings of people... and very tale-like with the loop of question ^^
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#16 Post by F.I.A »

10 pages of Winter Shard shorties(1 page omake) for your enjoyment.

Merry Xmas, and a happy new year to fellow members.
Shards of Memory.rar
Shards of Memory(Winter Shard spoilers)
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Winter shard
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#17 Post by Ignosco »

F.I.A wrote:10 pages of Winter Shard shorties(1 page omake) for your enjoyment.

Merry Xmas, and a happy new year to fellow members.
Thanks for another great Christmas present, and a nice companion to your Renairody series :D.

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#18 Post by Vatina »

Woo presents!

Merry Christmas! :D

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#19 Post by PyTom »

I'd like to add myself to the chorus of people wishing a very merry Christmas to everyone and their family.

I'd also just like to call attention, for one second, to the unsung people who need to spend their christmas working, for the benefit of all of us. Not only the emergency services like police, firefighters, and medical workers, but also the people who will ensure that we have electricity, heat, water, phone, internet, and other utilities. They give up at lease some of their Christmas to make sure ours is that much safer and better. (And when they do their job right, nobody knows they did it at all.)

Edit: And since I forgot them... don't forget the military guys. Especially the ones whose job it is to track santa.
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#20 Post by PrettySammy09 »

Merry Christmas to everyone! :) It's Christmas Eve where I am right now -- I hope you all have a lovely Christmas day!

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#21 Post by ciel »

LOL i was going to post this in the art dumpage (I still might) but here you guys goo :)
I was going for more guy viewer oriented picture, i dunno.
This took me like 3 days so I had to rush it in the end... so it doesn't look completely like how i wanted it to look but whatever, that's not important. Because you guys aren't very important. LOL jk. It was half completed on a laptop with a small laptop mouse... urgh


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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#22 Post by DrakeNavarone »

It's finally Christmas morning over here, so Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year while I'm at it!!
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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#23 Post by dizzcity »

It's now officially Boxing Day for me, but nevertheless, Merry Christmas to all on the other side of the world. :)

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Re: Merry Christmas!!! 2007

#24 Post by Blue Lemma »

Merry Christmas everyone ^o^
Awesome pic, ciel 8) It looks like the naughty people are getting something a little worse than coal in their stocking, looking at what she's carrying... and the nice ones are getting something a little better than some toys, hee hee :wink:
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