A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

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A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#1 Post by UntitledEXE » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:30 pm

Don't do drugs kids.
This is a work of fiction, and even the super drug here messes people up bad.

Okay, prescribed drugs from doctors that are necessary are fine.


Utopia has long since ended.

Confined in walls that have yet to be broken through, people join factions trying to survive another day in a decaying city with
limited resources. There is hardly a day of silence, a day where a cry rings out through the streets in the middle of the night. There
is a constant fight for power, for influence, for authority. The one in control changes every other month, the rules changing even
more so frequently.

This is the story of one particular moment in the carnage. Of when a drug known as Treats started to circulate through the system.
Of when an old faction of great power had been torn down, the remnants of which remain scavenged and scattered through the city.
Of when questions were no longer whispered and instead roared at the front lines. Where one girl who was born and raised in this
society learned to aim for the throat when you wanted - needed - something.

Follow Meri as she casts away the little that remained of her, stumbling across the truth as she pursues for revenge.

The Jungle
A large and sprawling metropolitan city that remains held up with a thin thread, seemingly ready to crumble at any given moment.
This fragile place is where the populace reside for the eternity of their lives. The city has a turbulent structure of varying societies,
groups and gangs that wish to hold more power than the other. This division causes districts to be made, though they are constantly
swapping ownership as the feud continues among those of relatively equal standing with no clear winner. A large wall, without a
single entrance or exit in sight, cages the city.

Very few remember the official name of old for what this crumbling city used to be. Among the folk tales and mysteries of what this
now rubble filled city used to be, the name, history, and events that unfolded to cause this current state only remain speculated.

The Wall
No one has been able to come or go ever since they could remember, the wall that towers high and encompassing the entirety of the
city preventing such things. Attempts to traverse the wall has been made, though incredibly unsuccessful with rather strange and
gruesome results. The peculiar circumstances and the blood stains hidden among the graffiti on the wall remains a foreboding
reminder that there is something very wrong, and a kind of warning against those that hold suicidal pursuits.

The exact source of this increasingly popular drug remains unknown. Some have speculated it originated in the humble abode of a
stumbling druggie who decided to mix and match for the next best high, others believe that it was the results of a laboratory of
some scientific mad man, while there are a few hushed whispers that the remains of the government are to blame - seeking the
power they once had.

It seems that conspiracy theories weren't one of the things lost after the breaking up of the society from before most could recall.

Not all of the effects of this mystery drug is yet known as it is still quite new. Effects seem to vary among consumers, though
heightened senses, thought processing and strength seems to be a common symptom. Questioning consumers result in varying
reactions - some proclaiming it to have changed their lives, saying that every other drug is put to shame by it, while others
vehemently believed it to be the tool of the devils.

A drug shrouded in mystery, yet so fervently produced, trafficked and consumed. It's sudden popularity caused a major shift of
power within the rather chaotic and ever changing hierarchy, causing the downfall of some while allowing others influence that they
could only ever imagine.



The Royals
Debatably the oldest society with a long history dating back before the fall of the society of the old. However, these records remain
a secret and guarded like a jealous mistress as anyone outside the higher ranked remain ignorant of the apparently prestigious
background. Though their numbers had consistently remained minimal as members were restricted to those of the same blood, they
managed to hold power with their horded knowledge and their rather smart distribution of said knowledge.

However, their small district had since been consumed by the growing gang known as the Red Caps, the members scattered and
mostly believed imprisoned or dead.

The Code Blue
This neutral party remains a pacifist group. Neither are they particularly wealthy, nor do they have access to military resources.
However, they remain through the support of many other groups and anyone that dare cause trouble with them would instigate a
war among the other groups.

Holding some of the brightest doctors and greatest knowledge when it comes to keep someone with multiple gun shot wounds alive,
they remain a vital part to keeping everyone from permanently killing each other by providing aid between each battle.

The Trade
A merchant group that has an extended range of dealings, though they are most known and requested for their arms trade. With
particularly sharp wit and high levels of intrigue, they manage to remain an influential power through back handed dealings and
selectively partnering with other groups to warn or outright wipe out any potential threats.

The Shroud
Not much is known about the shroud. There are plenty of whispers and rumours that surround them. About how they seem to appear
from no where, seeping in among the left remnants of a since over conflict. How they collect the bodies, leaving not even a whisper
of what used to be life behind. How they evolved into an urban legend as the grim reapers as nothing ever remained, not even those
that were known to be simply heavily injured instead of dead. Yet, somehow, these resources never seem to appear again, even
within the many branches of the black market.

The Red Caps
One of the younger, but more powerful group. Rising in the scene with a questionably large stock of Treats, they had managed to
gain exponential support and influence. Not much is entirely known of their policies due to the lack of any defined leadership.
However, their ruthless dash and climb in power has given them a worrying reputation of doing anything for their goals, whatever
they may be.

Their district as of recent years haven't had particularly defined borders. Ever since the Red Caps had monopolized the market of
Treats, their pursuit for expanding the areas under their control has increased several worrying folds. Though there is not a moment
of peace or quiet within the streets of this district, the main building which acts a sort of headquarters for the higher in hierarchy.


When did the city that's now the Jungle really fall?
In a time where people struggle to survive, where knife wounds are more common than paper cuts, where tragedy is a normality,
the exact nature of this place they live in had fallen remains very much not a priority. Though, there are a very small few who
pursue this knowledge, trying to figure out the details of the event that made the Jungle what it is now. Maybe you may be the one
out of that select population to finally know the truth once and for all.

What's outside the wall?
The disasters that unfold around the wall causes many speculations, though people remain very well inside in fear for their lives and
their loved ones around them. It seems that something, or someone, wishes to keep the secrets past the cement cage a secret.
Maybe you'll find out, maybe you'll get to see how far the skies go past the wall, and maybe you'll be the first comeback alive to tell
the story.

Where did Treats come from?
This city wide drug literally became a sensation over night. It was just one moment no one had heard of the thing, and then the next,
everyone has had personal experience, whether from taking it themselves or someone they know. It makes it's rather mysterious
origins an even larger peculiarity. Will your journeys lead you to its source, or will it's enigmatic nature remain?

Why did the Royals get massacred?
One moment Meri's life was pretty swell. The next, her family were being killed around her, the home she had been raised burning
to the ground. Everyone in the Jungle has varying opinions of the other, some saying that one of the other factions had orchestrated
it, while a few had said they were long overdue for an expiration. Her journey may unfold the mastermind behind it, and maybe
she'll be reunited with those she had believed she would never see again.

How does the Code Blue faction remain defended without any firearms?
Sure, neutrality could take someone so far. However, in a convoluted hierarchy between factions filled with doubt and betrayal, the
fact that the Code Blue remains strong and even without a single raid is such a miracle. Though, miracles have long since been
rejected by many of those in the Jungle. How does the faction stay alive, and is there really a reason behind their good fortune?

How far does the Trade's reach really go?
The Trade faction wasn't the first of the many groups attempting to monopolize the Jungle's commerce, yet it's the most prominent.
Such a power house, many still don't know where their dealings stop. Weaponry, clothing, food, and materials are but a few of the
known resources, and the question on how they manage to have such control and a constant supply is a whole other question.

Who are the Shroud?
The Shroud have become the biggest ghost story of the Jungle. The complete absence of any information on the group freaks people
out enough as it is, especially when even the most prominent information sellers don't even have a hint on them either. All people
are definite about is that they take the remains of the people left after a scuffle, both dead and the abandoned mortally wounded,
does raise quite a large amount of concern. What do they do with the bodies, and who are they really? Nobody knows, but the
question is it would stay that way for long, or will you find out?

What are the Red Caps' motives?
The movements of this faction are rather sparodic. One moment they're making deals with the Traders, the next they are holding
meetings with the Code Blues, next thing you know they are randomly handing out chump charity to random people on the streets.
As the leadership of the Red Caps are largely unknown, those of the faction separated into smaller groups handled by a select few
who remains silent on the matter, there isn't even anyone to question. When and how will the actions of the Red Caps appear, and
will you survive whatever it may entail?
But none of that cocaine, ice, cool kid stuff plz.

Meri Lambert | Royals Faction

She believed herself invincible. She trusted her faction's invincibility. She thought herself to be more than she was. She was simply
a naive child who had yet faced the sirens of reality. She learned that the world's tough love really was the fastest way to learn.
She threw away what she once was for something she may never have or become.

Cimon | Factionless

He was there for you after the downfall of your family. He was the one that taught you how to survive without the faction's
protection. He was the one to teach you about the various other districts. He was the one you had underestimated.

Cimon is a seemingly happy-go-lucky and free spirited individual. Easy to hand out smiles, you question how he is able to trust
others to easily and yet remain relatively well off. He just kind of seems rather naive and idealistic. However, he proves to be
resourceful and hold a high level of awareness of the circumstances around him. With a understanding of the various different
factions and their movements, you can't help but wonder why no one had already nabbed the guy. He would have been such a useful
member after all. It really did seem rather strange.

Gil | Trade Faction

He lectures about peace as he gives warmongers bombs. He moarns the fallen as he accepts money from a murderer. He confesses
his regrets and apologizes as he fires the gun in his hand. He signs the contract ensuring the death of many. He gives aide and
resources to the neutral, saving their lives. He hates those he love, he loves those he hate. He's a hypocrite and he knows it.

You haven't quite managed to grasp his personality. Through the layers of facades, the faces of professionalism and compassion, the
acts of horror and delight - you just can't quite say definitely what type of person he is. An image of an upright man who's only
wrongs are due to circumstance and an unfair world, you know it is simply a mask and in a way you wish to never have to see what
is hidden beneath that rather careful construct.

Aric | Royals Faction

What's the blood that flows through their veins to the shared red dyed stains? What's a friend in a world of lies? What's a promise
against the memories? What's an apology shackled with regret? What's a boy with questions that he doesn't wish an answer for?
What waits past the end?

Aric was someone you would tentatively call a friend. With the trials of time you've grown distant. The connection never truly lost,
but there's just something no longer there. A closeness that you remembered from back when you were kids, desperately faking a
childhood that they could never have. Following the faction's fall, you find yourself wondering where he is and questioning the rather
peculiar circumstances around him. After all, only those that shared the same blood were meant to be allowed in the Royals, yet you
are absolutely certain he fails to meet that very simple criteria.

Jackie | Red Caps Faction

He's felt the sweet caresses of joy, pure bliss with the feeling as if he could take on anything in the world. He's felt the tightening
choke of sorrows, whispering lies that became his one and only truth. He's endured the shakes of rage, the physical pain he felt as
he had to restrain himself. He knew far to well the damages fueled by humans fickleness.

You struggle to describe him. He's just so- invisible, for the lack of a better word. In a way, it's actually a little disturbing. You don't
know where he's from, what motives drive him, what actions he plans to take next. You notice how he seems to be able to simply
disappear within a crowd or even in a desolate area without a single soul. However, one thing is for certain, you know that won't last
long. The unsettling feeling that blankets you, a foreboding calm before a storm, that tilt of a smirk when he's lost in thought.

Ihsan | Code Blue Faction

He holds the needle like a knife, an apathy for each injection like a serial murderer who's grown bored. He binds the bandages like a
noose slowly coiling around his own neck, suffocating him as the begs for a savior drown him. He's neutral, he doesn't take sides.
He's long forgotten to care.

A cloud of fatigue follows him, his actions sluggish and tired. The bags under his eyes don't go unnoticed, and his rather short and
and general lack of enthusiasm reminds you of a corpse walking. However, you recall the stories of the heroes from the Code Blue
faction. Their pursuit for pacifism, their incessant need to save lives. No one would join such a faction without having cared before.

Zeph | ??? Faction

He hugs the gun like a child hugs their toys after a nightmare. He lies curled in the ash and rubble as if they were a safety blanket
that would protect him from everything. He treats the serenades of gunfire like a lullaby, welcoming a dream that is soon to come.
A dream he had long held, a dream that he had been pushed to his knees for.

A large grin on a face splattered with blood. The gunshots that surround him, the blood that paves the streaks of death around him.
You question the cheerful joking nature of his as whatever conversation you have with him seem to hold no direction, and yet you
know he is far from lost as he avoids any talk about factions, Treats, the wall, and the coming future that lays ahead.

"Hey, do you know why the sky changes colour? I've always thought it strange. You know, how such a big and encompassing thing
could be so fickle. Yet, all our blood remains red no matter how far from human we get. Hey-- I wonder what colour the sky is
outside the jungle."

More to come! :')
No matter the circumstances, illicit drugs would probs make it much shittier.

Since 21/4.

General | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜ ] Draft Complete, 80% Proofread
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Gil | [ ⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ] Planned, 20% Drafted
Ihsan | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜ ] Planned, 70% Drafted
Zeph | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜ ] Planned, 60% Drafted
Aric | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜ ] 70% Planned
Jackie | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ] 30% Planned

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GUI | [ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ] Done, just need to finish appropriate art assets.
Script | [ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ] Not even 10%, though it's been started ahahaa--- orz


17/4 - First or Third Person CGs? Also a tinsy bit of Zeph
18/4 - BG, Main Menu, and the Bachelors' Sketches
19/4 - Menu GUI Designs
21/4 - English is hard, the lil' bro sprite, and a question about resolution

Like, no.


Heyo! Oh golly, thanks so much for visiting this thread and having a look at my attempt at a visual novel. Here's a few questions,
which would be super duper appreciated if you could answer a few or leave whatever feedback you'd like! :')

Does the story interest you?
What kind of developments are you looking forward to the most, and what you HATE to happen? Which mystery are you looking
forward to discovering the most, or are there certain flags for cliches that are really pet peeving you? Heck, anything you're hoping
would or wouldn't happen?

Favourite character?
Any of the bachelors you have in mind to pursue yet? What parts of them do you like in particular? Or is there too little information,
and would you rather some more to start off with?

Let's talk about aesthetics.
Would you prefer CGs to be in 1st or 3rd person? Also, what dimensions would you prefer? At the moment, all of my sketches have
been done in 1600x900 pixels resolution, but would you rather it be larger in case of blurring due to resizing if you fullscreen on a
large monitor or something similar? If so, how large do you think the resolution should go?

Any and all feedback would be simply amazing, even with this being at the early stages of the development right now. <3

Seriously. Addiction sucks scrotum.
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#2 Post by Harliqueen » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:18 am

This sounds brilliant! I think Zeph sounds most interesting to me at the moment, but they all sound and look great.

Loving the artwork. Good luck with it, can't wait to see more!
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#3 Post by Rinima » Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:50 pm

"Does the story interest you?"
Yes! I love dark stories like this~

"What concerns to you hold judging from what you've seen thus far?"

"Any of the bachelors you fancy at the moment?"
Zeph. I love his type, just up my street.

"Anything you're looking for in particular?"
A good story XD

I really, really love your writing style! The art is pretty, but it's not often a writing style gets me excited like this!
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#4 Post by UntitledEXE » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:48 pm

Thank you very much! I will try my best!! :)

Oh gosh, thank you! This project has quite a bit of experimenting with the writing, so I'm super glad to hear that you're excited for it!

Update yo!
Finished adding in Aric and Jackie. Also fiddled with Gil's appearance. Gah- I'm kind of still unsatisfied with Cimon and Gil's designs so I'll probably be messing with that later down the track.

Also fixed a few typos and sentences that just didn't make sense, and I'm pretty sure I still missed some things. Oh man. Proofreading gonna be a very real necessity. orz

On the other hand, let's talk CGs! I've been wondering whether having CGs in a combination of first and person perspectives would be particularly jarring? After all, there are a few CGs that kind of need to be in third person (kiss scenes would be hella awkward first person), but personally I'm biased and pretty partial to first person CGs in general. Also, if CGs have the protagonist's face is shown within the image would you rather the side image to not be there?
First Person VS Third Person
And to end this post off, have a bit of Zeph. (with a cameo from Gil) :)

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#5 Post by RumRat » Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:25 pm

Ohh, this looks pretty interesting, will definitely be keeping an eye on the progress.
I'm liking Gil, Jackie and Zeph so far, though I'll probably properly make up my mind by the time the vn's completed. :"D
As for the CG's, since there will be third person CG's I'd prefer if they were all third person. Then again, I generally prefer third person CG's as first person ones tend to look a bit awkward to me. :")

And I agree, the writing seems like it'll be very nicely done from what I can tell, on par with the excellent art, best of luck with this. :D
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#6 Post by UntitledEXE » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:23 am

Thanks! A demo just to preview the writing, sketched version of the art resources being used, is projected to be out in a week. Hopefully that'll give more of an insight on the characters. Ehehe- After all, this project probably won't be done for a while cause I decided to share the progress from a real early stage of production. :'D

Oooh, fair enough. At the moment a majority of the CGs are sketched in third person, though there are still quite a few first person. I might revise them depending on what people think.

Again, thank you so much! :')

Small Update
Slowly, but surely, bashing through the art.

All sprites have been sketched to come to a grand total of 49 including variations. Golly, it's going to be fun trying to colour them all. Better whip out the Netflix when I get to that long haul. Also been having an absolute blast with sketching the backgrounds. Still have quite a bit to do, but been trying to power through them and the GUI for a drafted demo next week. Of course the art assets will all just be super sketchy, but the aim is for it to preview the writing, story, and the kind of gameplay it would be.

For now, have some of the spoiler free sketches. :)

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#7 Post by Rinima » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:45 am

Every time I visit this thread I get even more excited XD Those BG's look amazing, and nothing like I was expecting XD Was expecting to see something more akin to the Attack on Titan setting if I'm honest >.< and I can't wait to see the demo 8) Those sprite sketches look pretty darn good as well!

On the topic of CG POV, I vote 3rd person, they tend to look more natural that way (to me at least).
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#8 Post by UntitledEXE » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:05 am

Super glad to hear that! Though, gosh, the Attack on Titan comment is amazing. There are definitely plenty of theories for what the wall's for after all. Who knows, maybe it's preventing human eating giants wearing only their birthday suits from entering the city and having a good ol' feast. 8)
Or not cause spoiler alert! I'm too boring for Titans. :'D That and I can' already imagine the awkward situations when people find all the nude google image search history and the many drawings of said nude peeps.
Oh man, much sketchy designs. The wall is meant to be much much taller. I dun goofed when I did that bg. The final background would
probably just be all concrete with grafitti and stuff. :') That, and the text box is far from designed and finalized, the side sprite is also
pretty much just a place holder cause I'm being indecisive about what clothes Meri should wear, and massive empty space on the right
is super bugging me. orz

The mystery of the wall is one of the many things you'll get the chance to investigate and find out about. :)
Also. I blame you for this completely pointless thing just because of your Attack on Titan comment. :'D

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#9 Post by BáiYù » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:07 am

This project is practically everything I've ever wanted in a game with a female protagonist. I'm in love with the premise and the characters, so it's hard for me to pick which one I think would be my favorite. All the progress you've shown is lovely. If you ever need an editor or someone to help code the script, hit me up.
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#10 Post by Rinima » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:28 pm

UntitledEXE wrote: Also. I blame you for this completely pointless thing just because of your Attack on Titan comment. :'D
PFFFFFFFT- I love it XD I feel no shame taking the blame for that one :lol:

BáiYù wrote:If you ever need an editor, hit me up.
I'm also offering this if you so need it~
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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#11 Post by UntitledEXE » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:40 am

Thank you! Here's hoping I'm able to hold up to expectations! :)
And thank you so much for the offer. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the inevitable point when I get stuck on something. :'D

Thank you very much to you too as well!

Updating a day at a time
Coding and moving the writing into the game's script is now underway! Still figuring out how I want the directory to look, how to access it in game, and trying to figure out how to have some semblance of organization with all the clues and information you'll be collecting through the story. :'D

In the mean time, have some of the menu GUI designs.

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#12 Post by Hazel-Bun » Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:05 am

Looking amazing! Good luck on this big project.

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#13 Post by UntitledEXE » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:56 am

Thanks!! :)
Just a bit of an update.

It's amusing reading through the script that should have been proofread already ( By myself for the moment, though I should
probably look for a beta eventually :'D ) and just seeing a minefield of typos and just--- horrible grammar. What even is English.


Also, updated the description to have a mysteries section with all the stuff you can investigate and hopefully find out about. Here's
your lil' baby brother from before the whole Royals faction downfall. Who knows, maybe you'll find him afterwards. What condition he
may be in? Well, who knows.

And another question!
At the moment I've been doing all the sketches and rough designs on a 1600x900 pixel size canvas. Though, I've been wondering if I
should work on a larger resolution just so there isn't much of a blur when resizing when fullscreening for particularly large monitors.
If so, how big do you think it should go?

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#14 Post by Zelan » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:47 pm

I'm getting a Kenji Setou sort of vibe from Zeph and I freaking love it.

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Re: A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing [GxB, Action, Psych Thriller]

#15 Post by Alyarei » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:18 am

I'm really looking forward to this one! Cimon and Ihsan look really cool! I really like their designs and the atmosphere of the world! I like how cimon doesn't let the world affect his optimism and willingness to trust others! Also I have a soft spot for characters like Ihsan that even if they seem jaded they cared at some point and maybe still even care.(like those bags under his eyes don't liee)
I'm looking forward most to finding out what happens to people taken by the shroud...
I'm hoping for an ending where they adventure beyond the wall and are just like freedom! Also...it would be cool to make cinnamon rolls with Cimon.....just saying. :) or blue faction bad assery. that would be nice especially since they're doctors. I'd hate for the world outside the wall to suck.....too much and for everyone else outside the wall to be dead that would be kind of sad... :cry: but definitely within the genre/expectations. I guess more realistically I'd hate for the entire explanation to be something like...there are aliens outside the wall and they're watching you guys duke it out. That would be the one thing I'd think would be meh.

Anyways I look forward to it and good luck! :o :D

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