Web Design, Custom Coding, Custom Software, Hosting, etc

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Web Design, Custom Coding, Custom Software, Hosting, etc

#1 Post by Ganzeiba » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:07 pm


I'm Ganzeiba, part of Shinbu Designs which is a small web studio that began almost a year ago. We do websites on demand, we like to talk to our clients and take good care of them and the projects they want to fulfill.

Services we offer :
-Web design: When you are ready to make your brand or product presence known on the Internet. We work with Content Management Systems so you have a stable framework for your dynamic site, you can request an static page or we can make your own personal system.
-Web redesign: When you are just tired of your website and you want something fresh, either from scratch or work with what you already have.
-Web hosting: We won't charge you insane quotas or we won't be unreasonable as hosting companies. We won't overload our servers with 10+ projects running simultaneously, we manage the servers on our own and supervise the resource consumption, we maintain them and back them up personally so your site is always safe. You won't have to do almost anything, not even have to setup payments, servers, configurations, nothing at all. Let us handle this.
-Custom coding: Pick your language, we can take Java, C#, C++, php, Ruby, Python, HTML, anything you or your company needs, we can take control of it so you won't have to get your hands on it. Be either a VN, a web based VN, a game or a system, let us take care of it.
-Search Engine Optimization : So your website is more likely to be viewed.
-Complete responsiveness : Your site will be displayed seamless on different devices, including PC, laptops, phones, tablets, fridges and whatnot.

A bit more about us :
Shinbu Designs is composed mainly by two brothers that have been on the field of coding for almost a decade, we are a strong team that believes and likes what we do. One of us has good eye for the looks and feels, he'll be the one supervising the quality control until it is just perfect for the client. The other one is focused on production, he will push the project forward so it won't ever be stalled.

Some of our works during this year :
-Our main site, you can find more info about us here : http://www.designs.shinbu.org
-Shilin's online reader for Carciphona's manga (which is awesome): http://carciphona.com/
-Shilin's online shop website : http://shilin.storenvy.com
-After Thought Studios : http://afterthoughtstudios.org
-Star Maiden Games / Aeon Dream Studios : http://aeondreamstudios.com
-Rogue Planet Reviews : http://www.rogueplanetreviews.org
-Unwonted Studios (They just migrated to our servers after having lost their site on another host, it's still being rebuild) : http://unwontedstudios.com
-Razzart Visual : http://razzartvisual.com/

Our Compromise : To help indie companies to grow, giving them the tools and the aid they need when they are not sure how to proceed. We believe there is no need for you to find a designer that will take your money and take months in complete one project, we like to finish our jobs within 2-3 days and stay open to reasonable changes for a week until the client is satisfied.

Prices: Can vary from 20 for simple help, 50 for a more extensive job, 200 for a full site, 700 for a full site with custom code for your own system but we are always ready to hear your offer and to discuss our prices.

If you need a quotation, share some thoughts about your possible site or just any question, feel free to contact me to ganzeiba on Skype, I'll reply as soon as I can on either english or spanish.

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Re: Web Design, Custom Coding, Custom Software, Hosting, etc

#2 Post by Ertal77 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:23 pm

I tried to enter your main site, but an error message appears, saying your server can't be found :(
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Re: Web Design, Custom Coding, Custom Software, Hosting, etc

#3 Post by Albridge » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:29 pm

To be quite honest though a website is one of the last things you should look to spend money on in terms of VN development.

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