Newbie Voice Actress - Deep Female Voice (Paid/Unpaid)

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Newbie Voice Actress - Deep Female Voice (Paid/Unpaid)

#1 Post by Cammi-sama » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:34 pm

Hello! My name is Cammi and I have been interested in trying out voice acting.
I am willing to voice anything aside from stuff that is graphically sexual, as I am only sixteen. But if you want me to act in a game that is 18+, I am totally okay with playing a more innocent (for lack of a better word) role.

I have a very deep voice for a girl, and people often tell me that I sound like a boy over the phone. Therefore, I could easily voice a male character with a mid to high voice range.

Like I said in the subject, I am a newbie. I do not own super fancy recording equipment. I have a Blue Snowflake and a pop filter made from pantyhose. :lol:

If you wish to contact me, the best way to do so is to email me at the address I have left below. If you would prefer to instant message me, I can give you my Kik, Discord, and/or my Skype.
I will also leave a few voice acting samples below (they are Google Drive links).

Voice Acting Sample #1: ... tXcHJ3czY4
Voice Acting Sample #2: ... klPZ3ZHYVE
Voice Acting Sample #3: ... XRfYXhQTkE

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