Disability and Chronic Illness in VNs

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Re: Disability and Chronic Illness in VNs

#16 Post by Cinto » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:06 am

You're probably not still looking at this point but I do want to point out the protag of Sweet Pool (nitro+chiral) has...gosh it's been a while, but definitely some sort of chronic illness that frequently keeps him from going to school/having a normal social life; it's definitely part of why his personality is the way it is (the other part is circumstance). Sweet Pool's kind of interesting as far as this topic goes?? because the protag not only starts the game with a longstanding chronic condition but gets another one as the story progresses (although the second one is 100% made up, imo he reacts to and deals with it in a pretty realistic manner). I think there's maybe two characters (protags, villains, everyone) who doesn't start the story with some sort of mental or otherwise invisible condition (and one of those two later becomes involved in a traumatic plot point during the common route; in his route he uh, he...yeah, nitro+ bad end where you watch his sanity degrade. not a chronic illness though).

Sweet Pool's pretty loaded in that sense, I think it'd be worth playing even if your project is done? Protag (and I think Zenya also actually) is the only one with a physical chronic illness iirc, I saw Saya no Uta suggested earlier and they're both super gory and fucked up, being the intended audience it is though Sweet Pool mostly sticks to jerking your tears rather than visceral horrific gut reaction.

Also I too would be curious to see the essay if possible! O:

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