A Stray Cat's Tail [YOI: OtaYuri Fangame] [Due 19.5.17]

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A Stray Cat's Tail [YOI: OtaYuri Fangame] [Due 19.5.17]

#1 Post by Azuumi » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:50 am

Hi, Azuumi here! First, to give you some context on this project;
This is for the Yuri on Ice Otayuri Reversebang run by yurioniceshelter
Originally the idea was to write a fic based from your artist partner's art and prompt... but my mind runs a mile a minute; and after finding out my partner also hangs out here and has made art for a visual novel before, I got a LITTLE overexcited... maybe. Thankfully, the mods are okay with this madness!
The deadline for the event in May 19th, however, the finished product won't be revealed til around the 23rd as per the event schedule.
I might not be able to show too much of the goodies before then, as per the rules, but I will definitely try to update on my progress regularly, and hope some of yall can join us along for the hype!

On to the fun stuff~

A Stray Cat's Tail
On a quiet Sunday afternoon, one unsuspecting human finds themself with a small, scruffy shadow. A shadow with bright green eyes and a crook at the end of her floofy tail. Play as this majestic street kitty and explore your influence on the two nice humans who have taken you into their home!
Good news!! You're a cat, (aka, everyone's' favourite assholes) so you can probably get away with a little mischief, if you choose to... right? Whether you're a good kitty or a tiny terror is up to you, but regardless, be prepared for plenty of fluff :3
Otabek Altin - 21 - DJ Badboy with a heart of gold. Absolutely the mum friend.
Yuri Plisetsky - 19 - Certified cat addict. ANGRY but actually soft and pure.
Kitty - ?? - A playful and curious little stray. Fearless. At least slightly mad.
The Other Cat - ?? - ANOTHER CAT?! How dare this story have another cat?!
(cough cough - sorry to break it to you kitty, but technically you're the "other" cat)
Fulfill your innermost dreams of being a cat. You know you want to. 2+ endings, 4k+ words.
Shenanigans and plenty of fluff. Cuteness and catastrophes. BxB.
Story & Writing: Azuumi
Programming: Azuumi
Logo & GUI: Azuumi
BGs & CGs: Azuumi
Kitty Sprite(s): Azuumi
Human Sprites: Pinqo
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pray for me i have no idea what im doin'
Um. Any comments/thoughts welcome. Any fans out there? XD; I need sleep... *crawls away*

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Re: A Stray Cat's Tail [YOI: OtaYuri Fangame] [Due 19.5.17]

#2 Post by Alcor » Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:48 pm


Playing as a cat sounds amazing, and I'm so looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to seeing ANGRY YURIO (Yurio is my favorite in YOI :D) and defeating the other cat

Good luck!

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Re: A Stray Cat's Tail [YOI: OtaYuri Fangame] [Due 19.5.17]

#3 Post by Ertal77 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:04 am

Hahahaaha, this looks absolutely AWESOME! I can't wait to play it!

Thank you so much!
I'm just a writer, but if you ever need a hand with this, please pm me (I don't know, if you need an extra pair of eyes on a scene or you get stuck).
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