Under the Bed (Dark)(Mystery)(Psychological)

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Under the Bed (Dark)(Mystery)(Psychological)

#1 Post by Muffle » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:28 pm


a monster will always be just a monster
a psychological dark horror, mystery visual novel game with a touch of fantasy, tragedy and romance (GxB)

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Game Overview

Annabeth has lived her childhood with two monsters in her life - Alfred, the monster under her bed and Boris, the monster in her closet. Abandoned by her father at a young age and raised by her single mother, she became an easily scared child, jumping at shadows and fearing the things that go bump in the night.

Many years later, when Annabeth is seventeen, she has cause to rethink her initial judgement about Alfred having made contact with the monster after accidentally feeding it. Is Alfred really dangerous or is there something more to it?

One night, while her mother is out on a date, she decides to find out once and for all if there really is something to fear from the monsters in her life. Investigating under the bed she stumbles on a mysteries world. There she meets two young boys, both claiming to be Alfred and also claiming that Boris, the monster in her closet, is dangerous. Which boy is which? Who can she trust? And how can she return home?

Every choice matters and will greatly affect the story!!

Warning: This game includes the following and should be treated with caution.
Mentions of domestic abuse, starvation, violence, abandonment, murder and death, minimal cursing, heavily implied cannibalism (but not graphic), subtlety implied sexual assault, on screen death.

The Cast
Presented in order from left to right


Name: Annabeth
Overview: The protagonist. Due to her abandonment by her father and having trouble making friends since she was young, she has a hard time expressing her emotions. She doesn't always think things through and isn't really honest with herself, which causes a lot of mixed, bottled feelings within her. She has poor judgement in people, but despite all this she is kind and always tries her best. The one thing that has always kept her going is her mother's will and love.

Name: ???
Overview: The first young boy you meet, who claims to be Alfred, despite not having much proof to back it up. He has a very harsh attitude but claims that he's just worried. He's easily agitated and usually only lightens up his attitude when feeling guilty, but despite his apparent mean personality, there could be a kind person underneath.

Name: ???
Overview: The second young boy you meet, who also claims to be Alfred. He's a kind gentleman that's very keen on keeping Annabeth safe from harm. He will often go out of his way to try and help Annabeth and is very easily flattered. While being a little reclusive, he cares about Annabeth's well-being very deeply, and swears he will go to great lengths to keep her safe.

Name: Mary-Anne
Overview: Annabeth's mother, a single parent who has worked herself hard to the bone to prove that she could take care of Annabeth, whilst she was getting a divorce. Her husband cheated on her and then tried to take custody of Annabeth to spite her. Because of Anna's abandonment issues, she is very unsure as to whether she should be seeing people again, for Anna's sake, and often puts Annabeth's feelings before her own. She's a very kind mother that would do anything for her child.

Multiple endings depending on your choices!







Special Thanks:
Most which go to the people on rmn.net

Thanks to Delsin and Touhoulicious from rmn for helping me with any problems I had with Renpy!
Thanks to Kloe from rmn for helping me with spellchecking, sprite formatting and gamepage css!
Thanks to JosephSeraph from rmn for editing one of the portraits for me!
Credit to SilverHyena on DeviantArt for the free to use portrait generator software!
Thanks to Kanatakkun from rmn for the inspiration for this game, which I completed for Secret Santa 2017!
And thanks to all of you that play it! I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Under the Bed (Dark)(Mystery)(Psychological)

#2 Post by Fantasysci5 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:14 pm

I really liked this! I liked the tone, a kind of sadness on top of everything that really got to me. I really identified with the main character not having any friends, and I was tickled by the idea of the monster under the bed becoming her friend. I adored Alfred, and I like to think of what happens next: still being best friends and talking everyday, maybe one day when she meets Lucas
getting Daisy back to reunite with Alfred.
I didn't like Boris or his endings, but I love the uncertainty of who is who. Sometimes when I'd pick a choice it would lead to scenes with information from a previous choice that I didn't take, so I didn't know what they were talking about. The only constructive criticism I would give is the author's notes in-game were kind of jarring, imho. Good job with the game, I enjoyed it!

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