Anime Collaboration Commissions || Closed

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Anime Collaboration Commissions || Closed

#1 Post by ayachin » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:20 pm

    Masochistic Trio Commissions
    Hi everyone! We're a trio of artists who are trying to fund our future projects together by doing collab commissions for sprites and CGs!/ o / I'm posting a second time because I'm also collaborating with two of my closest friends! For more information, please visit our website. We are currently open for long-term and short term commissions!\


    • PAYPAL payments only and should be made in USD.
    • We have the right to turn down an order if I don't think I can handle the request.Additional payments will be charged for complex character designs, weapons.
    • We will do NOT draw R-18, mecha, furries, and armor, or overly-complex BGs.
    • We will charge more for complex character designs!
    • No to rush deadlines please! We work on a schedule of our own and we prioritize commissions, so we will do my best to finish it fast!
    • If you DO give us a deadline, please at least make it one month prior so we can be sure we can deliver it in the best quality.
    • We will show you WIPs of the rough sketch, lineart, and base colors.
    • We will post the commission in my sites unless you want them to be private otherwise.

    • Heasdshots: $30 per character
    • Halfbody: $45 per character
    • Fullbody: $60 per character
    • Additionals:
      • Extra Expressions: $2
      • Minor Pose Changes: $5
      • Major Pose/Outfit Changes: $20-$25

    story event 2 main visual.png

    • Name: (For addressing purposes)
    • Email: (So I can send you the finished image and WIPs)
    • Number of Characters: (chara limit of 3 for full CG)
    • References / Details: (Link to the character's visual reference, stuff about the character, etc.)
    • Type: (headshot sprite, halfbody(sprite or CG), full illust)
    • Additional Info: (Pose and Expressions(for sprites), other details)

    More Information:
    Please check us out and our website:


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