[Volunteer/Free] Voice Actress for Main Character (Female)

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[Volunteer/Free] Voice Actress for Main Character (Female)

#1 Post by mrnyanpasu13 » Mon May 07, 2018 10:30 am

Hello Everyone! We are looking for a Voice actress for our 2D Platforming Beat Em up Cute game! I hope someone will help us out! Feel free to ask us some informations!

Here is our small game preview by the way, our game is still on the works!

https://www.facebook.com/TheBreadGame/v ... 434006469/

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Re: [Volunteer/Free] Voice Actress for Main Character (Female)

#2 Post by Jin » Mon May 07, 2018 10:40 am

I remember seeing this around in the dev community!! I'd love to audition. Feel free to view my VO information at the following link: viewtopic.php?f=64&t=31439

Thank you so much!

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Re: [Volunteer/Free] Voice Actress for Main Character (Female)

#3 Post by klotten13 » Wed May 30, 2018 10:59 pm

I'm not sure if you're still looking for a voice actress, but if you are, you can check out my demos at: www.katieotten.com/voiceover

Thank you!!

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