Karipappu Chronicles! [Food/Comedy/Romance] - Looking for Editors, Programmers, etc.

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Karipappu Chronicles! [Food/Comedy/Romance] - Looking for Editors, Programmers, etc.

#1 Post by Pokeanu » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:24 pm

Greetings! My name is Keanu, and I'm looking for members for my latest project, Karipappu Chronicles!, a culinary romantic comedy Visual Novel!


Our story revolves around a Japanese salary man who wants a change of scenery after experiencing Japanese work life.
His journey brings him to a tropical land where he explores the local cuisine and culture. The MC meets with the locals who guide him to his goals. Hand in hand, they conquer the local cuisine and bring their culture closer to each other.


We are 30% complete with the project and are in the midst of writing the script, creating the character art, music, sound effects, CGs, animations, etc.

The story follows 3 major routes, each revolving around a love interest which unlocks a True Route upon total completion. The timeline of the story details the major events of each route with gaps in the connecting events. The projected total game play time is ~ 12 hours.

This project is set to release a demo in Nov-Oct 2018, and to fully release in March 2019.

A few important details to note:
1. This is a free project, hence this is unpaid work.
2. This project is a collaborative effort involving developers from all over the world, so you are not an exception.
3. As a result, all project schedules and deadlines are tentative and flexible.
4. We are looking for members who can project all kinds of ideas, even crazy ones.
5. You NEED to know how to meme. (this is very important)

If all of these details are fine by you, let's jump straight into the positions!


I'm looking for an editor who is fluent in English and understands the use of the language in specific contexts. Basic knowledge in Japanese will prove useful in the editing process.

You will also be required to learn how to write basic code in Ren'Py, which is easily teachable. (Worry not!)

- Lots and lots of typing
- Defining new transitions and transforms
- Scene deliberation and review
- Discussion about the general flow of the story as well as the ways scenes can unfold

These are the positions I am looking for at the moment. Expect this list to be updated occasionally.


If I have piqued your interest, feel free to contact me at keanu2525@hotmail.com or message me on Discord (Pokeanu2525#2731). Brief introductions make the process a lot smoother and helps me to understand where you're coming from.

Looking forward to working with you!

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