[suggestion] Ren'py and ink

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[suggestion] Ren'py and ink

#1 Post by isak grozny » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:13 am

I've been writing various kinds of interactive narrative for a couple of years now, and the two best tools I've come across are Ren'py and inkle's scripting language for narrative games, ink. They're quite similar in approach, intended as being simple enough to use without much programming knowledge but quite powerful if you know what you're doing.

I've been less than satisfied with how Ren'py manages branching narrative, which ink does very well (it's very easy to split and gather chunks of content in ink), but ink is meant to be only one layer in a much bigger engine, which means its use to me is limited, as someone who is perhaps not so great at the actual coding parts. Meanwhile, Ren'py handles GUI, saving/loading, rollback and so forth, taking care of a lot of fiddly and frustrating bits of gamedev.

I think integrating ink with Ren'py would produce an immensely powerful toolset for VN makers and make it even easier to produce quality interactive narrative, but unfortunately I'm not so sure my knowledge of python is sufficient to port ink to python and then integrate it with Ren'py. I'm left with pitching this idea to the wider masses. Maybe someone's already done this and I'm just rubbish at googling?

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