Programming issues, scite and jedit

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Programming issues, scite and jedit

#1 Post by usul » Thu May 28, 2009 1:00 pm

Ok I did some cleaning up of my code yesterday and decided to split portions into different .rpy files. Everything works fine. But then I decided to switch back to Scite and it has been causing me problems with tabs. Apparently even if I don't use the tab key, scite creates 'tabs' when I hit enter to create a new line.

Also it doesn't recognise .rpy as sources when opening (not a real problem, just minor annoyance).

Am I missing something? Is there an option somewhere that'll get rid of this problem?

Jedit now opens all my files when I click edit script in the ren'py menu, which are too many to be practical. Also Jedit is Sloooooow on my machine and everytime there's an error or a traceback it opens a new window, not just a new tab. So I end up with tons of jedit windows.

Oh well, any help would be appreciated. Programming can be fun again I just know it ;)
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