Issue in building multiple game packages for Android

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Issue in building multiple game packages for Android

#1 Post by Chu-3 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:02 am

I'm updating my games for Android with renpy 7.1.1, and they worked fine, though I notice an issue that might cause bigger problem in future. That's why I decided to mention it here.

So what I build is:
Game A ver. 10004 (as standalone) >> it was build normally without any issue
Game B ver. 10003 (apk with obb) >> what was build is ver.10003 apk with obb, but it also generate another standalone ver.10004, with the Game B package name.
Game C ver. 10002 (as standalone) >> Beside standalone for game C, it's also generated ver. 10003 apk with obb and a standalone ver 10004 , also with game C file name.
Game D ver. 10002 (apk with obb) >> at the time I built this, I got ver 10002 apk with obb, ver 10003 apk with obb, and standalone ver 10004, all is named as game D

Which means, basically whenever I build a new game, renpy will also automatically build the previous version of other games I have built before (and named as the new game, but I haven't checked if it's include the other game or current game data) . In other words, if I build like 10 games, the size generated will be bigger and bigger as the unnecessary versions of the game are also generated at the same time.
The necessary game file itself works fine when I tested on my device, yet I need to delete bunch of unnecessary files generated accidentally by renpy.

Is there a way to only generate the game file with the version we entered in the each game configuration?

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Re: Issue in building multiple game packages for Android

#2 Post by PyTom » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:00 pm

Good catch. I just landed a fix.
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