(Title Pending) Mecha/Romance/Drama VN

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(Title Pending) Mecha/Romance/Drama VN

#1 Post by BaKaShiNji » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:16 pm


First time posting here, been poking around the forums some. I'm still not entirely sure how things work, so I'll be relying on y'all for help. I wanted to share a bit about a project me and a friend are working on.

Without making it too complicated, here's the basic outline. Please note that this concept may seem somewhat...shallow(?) at first glance, but there is more going on behind the scenes- I'd love to answer any questions that arise to help resolve this!

Our novel follows the lives of a group of high school students. Born in one of the weakest countries in their world, they nevertheless live a comfortable life alongside their fellow citizens. The world is at peace thanks to the "Fate System" in which nations can settle disputes without resorting to open warfare, tariffs, or other such methods. Yet that system is beginning to fracture, and these students are caught up in the core of the situation.

Led by their mysterious teacher, the students of "Ferros National Piloting Academy" are pushed into a position they never could have imagined. When their Academy is attacked during a piloting test, all bets are off. Forced to defend their city with obsolete training mecha, navigate uncertain political waters, and deal with the harsh reality of war, will they emerge victorious...or broken?

Again, I'll be happy to provide more information, just ask! I'm not recruiting, just wanted to put this out here to try to get some thoughts.


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