[PAID]Writer & Editor With 6+ Yrs Experience [OPEN]

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[PAID]Writer & Editor With 6+ Yrs Experience [OPEN]

#1 Post by JayleeJames » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:01 pm

(I am new to this site, so please forgive any rookie mistakes in formatting!)

My name is Jaylee James. I'm a writer and editor looking for work!

| Writing Experience |

For the past two years I've worked on the mobile app Choices, which is a bestselling visual novel/narrative fiction app created by Pixelberry Studios. While I cannot share the actual game script examples with you, here are some playthrough videos from fans of my work: hookup scene, whole chapter, and a romantic love confession.

Since leaving that company, I have worked on a mobile otome game (Deceitful Devotions), written stories told in texting/chatting format for Addicted, and am currently working with both Tales and Stories.

I also have plenty of experience writing prose.

Prose Writing Example: Horror/Suspense - A "choose who dies next" thriller I co-wrote with several authors. The first chapter is entirely my own work.

+ Writing Rates +
- $0.15/word

| Editing Experience |

I've edited literary magazines, anthologies, novels, and short stories including Vitality Magazine, Circuits & Slippers, Love & Bubbles, Spectrum Lit, and more.

I edit using google docs for comments and notes. My editing style is friendly, gently teasing, and equal parts critical and encouraging.

EDITING SAMPLES - If you are seriously considering my editing services and want a sample of how we'll work together, you can request an edit of 1,000 words or 300 lines of script free of charge. Contact me for more details.

+ Editing Rates +
Developmental Edits: I'll go all-in with you on a story, revising it on every level - concept, characters, structure, etc. Great for people who have half a story written and are stuck, or who maybe have an older draft they know needs serious work. Can include emails/chat conversations or video calls.
- $0.08/word
- $0.35/minute consultations

Line Edits: A thorough edit of your work on a line-by-line level. Emphasis on proofreading, readability, character voice, and effectiveness of story beats. This is what most people think of when they want an editor, and is recommend for most projects.
- $0.05/word

Beta Read/Playtest: I'll go through your work as a reader/player, giving a firsthand reaction and noting any bugs or glaring issues that I see. Instead of line-by-line comments, you'll get a summary email with general thoughts plus a much lighter list of notes. Great for near-complete works, those confident in their own editing skills, or hobbyists who just need a second pair of eyes.
- $0.03/word

| Preferences, Terms, and Guidelines |

+ Preferred Genres (open to others!) +
- Paranormal romance
- LGBTQ+ (!!)
- Light romance
- Slice of life
- Suspense/Mystery
- Anything cute and soft

+ Hard Limits - Won't Work With +
- Rape, dubious consent, or "non-con"
- Homophobic, sexist, or racist content
- Sexual content involving minors or characters that are basically minors yet are "definitely 18" in text.
- Extreme kink (edge play, scat, beastiality, incest, etc.)
- Graphic horror/gore
- Soft limit - Furries - Judged on a case-by-case basis

+ Payment +
- Paypal in USD
- Pricing determined by initial wordcount

+ Terms +
- Size/scope of project, deadlines, pay rates, etc. will be outlined specifically and agreed to by both parties before any work will be done on the project.
- If project details are vague, I may decline your request.
- If terms are violated at any point, including content guidelines, I reserve the right to back out of the project. Payment will still be required for work completed. (Example: if project suddenly takes a turn to include an element of rape or graphic horror that was previously not mentioned, I reserve the right to stop working on it).
- Initial sample pages will be provided free of charge as a sign of good faith upon request.
- After initial sample, project will be paid by milestones (agreed upon by both parties). A percentage will be paid upfront, and the rest paid as milestones are reached.

+ Contact +
Email: godsecho -at- gmail -dot- com
Twitter: @thewritingj
Discord: Jaylee✨Gaven#7598 (yes, the emoji is part of the name lol)
✨new to these forums, be kind to me please! ✨ Hire me to write or edit for you! ✨

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Re: [PAID]Writer & Editor With 6+ Yrs Experience [OPEN]

#2 Post by JayleeJames » Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:15 pm

Updated my experience since April 2019 and included updated rates.
✨new to these forums, be kind to me please! ✨ Hire me to write or edit for you! ✨

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Re: [PAID]Writer & Editor With 6+ Yrs Experience [OPEN]

#3 Post by Zelan » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:15 pm

Just letting you know that the first video you linked is unavailable!

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