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#1 Post by Andredron » Sun May 19, 2019 12:37 pm

Hello everyone, I will do the translation of your project from English and German into Russian.

At the moment I am translating the visual novel:

Bios EX(
Status: Expect the text of the rest of from the developer

Refraction viewtopic.php?f=43&t=53299 Translated the demo version of the game. Expect the rest of the text.

Translation example :

Bios EX - did not receive permission to publish from developer

The stages of translation and the comments are coordinated with the developers.

I am 26 years old (I answer in advance if I am 18 years old for translating erotic games)

There are no preferred genres, but I don’t have much interest in perversions (homo, pedophilia, bestiality ...)

Contact with me:

Advance request:

If you have a desire to print less yourself, send me a script file, I will write it in it myself, and I will select a similar font.

If another engine (not Renpy) then send a description than open the script.

Let's save our time.
I know, I'm writing terribly in English.

I'm writing a Renpy textbook (in Russian). Update 22.06.18

Honest Critique

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