Looking for Logo Artist & Sprite Concept Artist

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Re: Looking for Logo Artist & Sprite Concept Artist

#16 Post by erikoillustrations » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:35 am

I’m interested for the logo artist position!


My portfolio is erikoillustrations.com
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Re: Looking for Logo Artist & Sprite Concept Artist

#17 Post by yayamiho » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:23 pm


I am currently interested in this position. Through the times I have received commissions which required difference in culture in character design, so I think this job might fit me well. I'm also used to doing character concept and developing different types of expressions for it.

Here are some examples. Not all are character design since I also had to make illustrations AND character designing at the same time from scratch;

character design and illustration
clothing design + Sprite artwork
chibis with clothes differences + Character Design
character turnaround + Character Design
Here you can check my demo reel video for character design I had to make last year with my creative process:

I have different set of styles which will differ in prices. Which one to use is completely up to you, the client, of course. I'll set a paramether of the styles I think are better for this game though (Clear, Shady and Pearl styles):
Clear Style:
Shady Style:
Pearl Style:
Headshot: 22$ - 33$
Bust up: 18$ - 44$
Thigh Up: 33$ - 50$
Fullbody: 39$ - 55$

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