Rakugo Framework New Tool For VN

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Rakugo Framework New Tool For VN

#1 Post by jeremi360 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:17 am

I know that it shoudn't be here, but I can't find better place on this forum for this
Hello, I always was fascinated what people can do using Ren'Py.
First it inspired me to fork EventEditor
And later it inspired me to make my own framework like Ren'Py, but for Godot Engine.
After few years of work I presents you Rakugo Framework:
https://jebedaia.itch.io/rakugo/devlog/ ... ce-pack-11

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Re: Rakugo Framework New Tool For VN

#2 Post by Donmai » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:07 pm

I was wondering when I would find a VN framework for Godot. Wow, here's one.
Thanks for creating this.
No, sorry! You must be mistaking me for someone else.
TOIRE NO HANAKO (A Story About Fear)

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Re: Rakugo Framework New Tool For VN

#3 Post by CloneA » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:49 pm

Oh man, I was looking for something like this! The Escoria framework isn't bad, but it's extremely outdated now and not really useable in modern Godot.

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