Messy Academy [vn][slice of life][School life][18+]

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Messy Academy [vn][slice of life][School life][18+]

#1 Post by princessbridget1999 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:59 am


Patreon page and Downloads! More info!:


Messy Academy is an 18+ adult/porn visual novel that focuses on diapers! It's a general school life, slice of life feeling series that not only focuses on the adult related focuses. But it contains comedy, drama and romance as well! There is excellent world and character building going on in the game and on the surface. This might just look like another adult porn fetish style game, which it is.. But! It's much more than that and don't expect to jump right into having sex in this game, as it leans more on the realistic side without being too realistic either. Not to confuse this game or compare it to other diaper fetish games out there, this game does feature actual sex and acts that most games within that genre don't touch. That being said, this game doesn't have focus on adult baby or abdl aspects either though.

Players will take the role of Brandon, a young man who managed to hack and find a loophole within the academies computer system. He adds his name, along with his two friends to the student list, knowing that the academy would be breaking it's contract if they're to refuse accepting the boys... But why go through all that trouble to get into an all girl's school? Well.. In order for him and his buddies to get the best chances of getting a girlfriend and losing their virginity!

But.. These boys quickly learn that the school has a very unique and padded rule in order to attend.. Who runs the academy and how does the public not know about all this? How can they get away with the craziness happening at this school without getting in massive trouble? You'll have to find out by playing Messy Academy..

Tags: 2d, Drama, Slice of life, General school life. Male protagonist, Avoidable NTR, Avoidable Extreme BDSM, Handjob, Diapers, Forced Accidents, Natural Accidents, Diaper upskirt/flashing, Diaper changing, Thighjob, Assjob, Enemas, Farting, Facesitting, Wetting, Messing, Humiliation, Petplay, Master/Slave, Watersports, Underwear fetish, School setting, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral, Anal/Vaginal Fingering, Clothed sex, Straight sex, Footjob, Pregnancy, Creampie, Cum inflation, Kissing, Groping/Rubbing, Bukkake, Titfuck, Dirty talk, Erotic spanking, Group sex, Public sex, Big tits, Small tits, Unlockable sexual content.




*A uniquely different diaper themed visual novel that has interesting characters and world building. It's themes include; slice of life and general school life, drama, comedy and sexual content! Each day should feel as if you're going through an anime episode, each covering various themes ranging through the above mentions! (300k+ word count!)

*Day to day system, that feels like you're really spending your life at the academy through the game. Each day features 3 sections, each with various characters and story events taking place! Over 60+ days of content planned if not more!

*Fun dialogue choices that affect different outcomes during the game and unlock special scenes! (Different dialogue, scenes, etc. Based on affection and select choices!)

*Uniquely made music and sound effects for the series. (Added late summer 2020.)

*6 Main girl's routes to explore (personal story, deeper sexual acts and their secret fetish/kink). Along with 3 side girls who have routes as well! (not as long as main girls.)

*Voice acting! (Only if funding can be reached, based on kickstarter funding!)

*Plenty of side content to explore, with plenty of replay value! Ranging from different choices, unlocked content from stats/variables to personal routes and a mix of all of the above!

The team behind the game:

Messy Studios is a small tight knit team of different backgrounds that focus on making and releasing builds for a visual novel called Messy Academy. Please show your love to them! <3

Director: Princess Bridget
Writer: Princess Bridget
Editor: UncleArtie
Programmer: Princess Bridget
Sprite artist: LisadiKaprio
Cg artist: Ecjhonny
Bg artist: Olivson


The game is planned to have 50-60 in game days planned for it's base game. It takes you day by day through your life at the academy, as time goes forward to bond with the characters there. Each day consists of 3 sections, which can be seen as time slots during a given day (morning, noon, afternoon, night, etc). These sections should be seen as almost an anime episode if you've seen how many slice of life series handle it's episodes. There's still a general plot that pops in at times, but it tries to keep things a bit relaxed in this sense. Lastly, each section is on average 1500 word count or more. Which means each day should be roughly 4500+ word count or more. We're expecting to be around 200-300k word count by the end of the game.

MA handles it's routes in a unique way that I haven't quite seen before? While you do choose a route at a given point in the game by asking a girl out based on affection. You won't purely be limited to a set path after this, it's hard to explain. But think of it as, you pick a girlfriend by day 20. You are now set on her route path, but given the rules of the academy. They must keep their relationship a secret from teachers or staff, which forces them to act fairly normal around each other during weekdays. During the weekdays, you'll still get to choose who to hang out with and general events with other characters. But once the Weekend comes along, it goes right into your route story being continued, getting a deeper bond with the girl.

The game has been updating monthly on a consistent basis with little bumps in the road like any other projects. Progress began back in Late August or early September 2019. While MA did have a soft reboot during December 2019, it was much needed as it was finding it's footing in what it wanted to be exactly. Which is what the current game is and there is no plans to do anything like this again. Meaning we've been going strong with the final direction for roughly 6 months now as of May 2020.

As of May 2020, we're currently going to have up to day 17 released with update 0.11 (patreon exclusive first). Each month we release a new update for the game, with it comes 2-3 new days of content (6-9 sections), new sprite work added, new cg scenes, new bg art, and general new feature/functions, etc. We handle updates where patreon supporters at $5 get exclusive one month ahead of the public update releases, along with many daily or bi-daily exclusive posts on our patreon. Many that cover general news, behind the scenes work, art previews, polls, etc. We on average release updates around 28-30th of a given month, trying to give our supporters at least 48 hours to access their exclusive posts for download before being charged again.

2020 will be a exciting year for us, as we'll be launching our kickstarter for trying to cover base funding mainly for cg art costs. We're looking to launch this by late June or early July, we try to keep the public updated on kickstarter news from our patreon to those following us there that aren't supporters. <3

We have a rough estimated finish date for Fall 2021 for the base game based on our current work flow in the past months.


Messy Academy contains scenes of sexual content and is intended for adults only. Any art or implying of characters being underage within the game aren't meant as intended. While the game is set at an academy, this should be seen as a private college setting. These characters are not underage or minors, nor are they based on anyone in real life. Anything that might suggest these mentioned themes are purely part of fetishes or kinks that might be suggestive, but not intended to play them off as underage characters.

There might be routes and choices in the game that lead down some hardcore content, we try our very best to keep a updated list of tags towards the top of this page to warn of this content, in most cases these extreme or hardcore content choices are optional and will give a warning within dialogue or story before leading you into them or to avoid it.

We understand that even if our story and character building could be good enough to stand on its own, not everyone will be interested in a game that still has a focus on diapers. That's your choice, as much as one might choose not to play any game with "insert fetish/kink here".

The team behind the game takes no responsibility for anyone under the age of 18+ who decides to ignore our warnings and play the game on their own will.
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Re: Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.02][18+]

#2 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:40 am

Build_0.02 has been released to the public.
-Free day open roaming map system and stat menu added to game.
-All character scenarios done (except Miki and Nova unfinished, done in build_0.03)
-Minor changes to chapter 1.
Build_0.03 has been released to patreon.
-Free day section is completely finished!
-Chapter 1 has seen a rework in story telling, dialogue, visuals and added choices.

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Re: Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.04][18+]

#3 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:13 pm

build_0.04 has been released to the public

Build_0.04 changes & known issues-
-Chapter 2 (up to after Lola's intro) has been added!
-2d Miki sprite has been added!
-skip buttons have returned for returning players to skip to new content.
-the game has been carefully playtested with all it's content in the game for the build. there shouldn't be any major, minor bugs left hopefully. Visual effects might be a bit off slightly, but that will be fixed in time.

-Known Issues-
-None to report yet!

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Re: Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.05][18+]

#4 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:05 am

build_0.05 has been released to the public

Build_0.05 changes & known issues-

-Chapter 2 finished!
-Chapter 2 is completed!
-New 2d CG scenes added in chapter 1 (Nova's sex act during end)
-Intro to Juliet.

-Known Issues-
-None to report yet!

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Re: Messy Academy [vn][slice of life][18+]

#5 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon May 18, 2020 8:43 am

(Thread has been updated finally! Below is a changelog and details for updates 0.09 (public) & update 0.10 (patreon exclusive)

-Known or possible issues being looked into- (feedback very helpful! <3)

-Game freezing. There's been a few reports of their game freezing, the most solid lead I have on this as of right now is that it happens from the following. If you save the game at a given area? When trying to load that save, it will load from it. But the screen is frozen and the text might even look like it's "Hey there how are y" with the rest missing. (don't confuse "Hey there how are y-" as "-" is a story intended cutoff during dialogue.) (Still looking into this if it's happening often or not with people, need more feedback.)

-Stat menu broken? (not sure what is causing it, need feedback). At some point in the game during play through, when trying to click on the stat menu icon it doesn't do anything. If you have details about this to share about this bug/issue, please mention it here or feel free to send me a direct message about it. (not to confuse anyone, if dialogue in the chat/text box isn't finished being written out by the engine while you try clicking on the stat menu icon. It won't let you until the dialogue is done being written out. Something we could look into adjusting too, but please make sure this isn't linked to the above issue when reporting it.) (Still looking into this if it's happening often or not with people, need more feedback.)

update 0.09 content


-Older sections had scenes touched up, new expressions and better fitting for their moments, etc.

-When reaching end of an update's content, the game no longer jumps back to the title screen. This is intended! (ends after day 12 section 3 is done). This is to stop stats and variables from carrying over into a new game on a 2nd play through for now. (we will fix and adjust things back to normal, once we figure out how to manage the stat issue.)

-Adjustments to dialogue text in the gui text box. It is now bold and should be easier to read, we will continue to ensure this element is fine tuned.

-New content-

-New outfits have been added. (Juliet cheerleader outfit seen in day 10 sec 3) (Miki magical girl outfit seen in day 9 sec 3) (Miki & Erika pajama outfit seen in day 12 sec 3)
-Day 10 has been added.
-Day 11 has been added.
-Day 12 has been added.
-John's sprite has been added. (Day 1:sec 1) (Day 2:sec 2) (Day 3:sec 2) (Day 4:sec 1) (Day 5:sec 3) (Day 9: sec 1) (Day 12:sec 1)
-Nurse's sprite has been added. (Day 4:sec 2)
-New cg scenes added Day 3:sec 1 (Heather giving Erika a diaper wedgie)
-New bg art added. (Dorm room day, sunset, night) (Hallway day, sunset, night)
-God mode is back! ($10 supporters, check for the "God mode update 0.09 post on patreon for a special version of the game) This mode gives you max stats and all variables at the start of the game. Letting you unlock all content that's locked, which covers dialogue, scenes, etc.
-Quick tutorial added! (optional) (helps go over what functions the gui buttons are used for).

update 0.10 content


-God mode has been fixed. Variable related unlocks will now be unlocked, just like how affection related unlocks should already work.

-Older sections have received some minor changes for effects, expression fixes, etc.

-The game is receiving a slimming down on expressions and how they are handled, part of this can be seen with the new sprites added with how they're handled. All days will have sprites adjusted similarly, Days 13, 14 & 15 are making do with some expressions that might not fully fit the scene exactly, but they will be adjusted by update 0.11. (Much image compressing is taking place for update 0.11 to fix and future proof the game, help clear some major issues with the game.)

-New content-

-Day 13 has been added.
-Day 14 has been added.
-Day 15 has been added.
-Natalie ($25 supporter character) has been added. (Day 15:sec 2)
-Joey's sprite has been added. (Day 1:sec 1)(Day 6:sec 3)(Day 8:sec 1)(Day 8:sec 3)(Day 10:sec 2)(Day 11:sec 1)(Day 13:sec 2)
-Nathan's sprite has been added. (Day 1:sec 1)(Day 6:sec 3)(Day 7:sec 1)(Day 8:sec 1)(Day 8:sec 3)(Day 10:sec 2)(Day 11:sec 1)(Day 14:sec 1)
-Charlotte's sprite has been added. (Day 6:sec 1)(Day 8:sec 2)(Day 8:sec 3)(Day 9:sec 3)(Day 15:sec 2)
-Allie's sprite has been added. (Day 4:sec 3)(Day 11:sec 1)
-Rosa's sprite has been added. (Day 4:sec 3)(Day 11:sec 1)(Day 14:sec 3)
-New bg art added. (Swimming pool area day, sunset, night) (Gym area day, sunset, night)
-Day 5 sec 3 now has Juliet as a choice instead of Bridget.
-New effect for changes to clothing in a given scene. (only seen with the sprites added in this update so far. Previous ones will receive this in update 0.11)

-Things being considered/planned content-

-Adjustments to cg placeholder screens. (This is due to some personal visual issues. Mainly instead of seeing a static screen while reading some events, it would be much more nicer to at least see sprites reacting to the given dialogue/text until cg scenes for a given scene are done. Currently targeted for May on the list.) (May update: this is still possible but lowest priority on the list.)

-New final designs for Erika, Nova, Rachel & Heather sprites. (These are the final designs, with Erika and Nova done currently. Rachel and Heather are expected to hopefully be done before the end of May. In short, these range from minor changes to current sprites to dramatic changes. This is targeted for replacing current sprites with these in May.) (May update: Erika & Nova are being put into the engine currently for update 0.11, Rachel should make it in time. Heather will be a low chance for update 0.11.)

-Expressions adjustment. (This is partly an issue behind the scenes, in short. There's way too many expressions and it falls on myself, as it was meant to make each section very hand crafted and unique. Sadly with all the outfits and take in mind Erika as a example, she has easily over 130 expressions currently. The goal is to create brand new uniquely made expressions for each character that matches them perfectly, they will still stand apart from other characters expressions as well. About 20-25 expressions per character, shared across their outfits and some characters might have 2-3 special expressions like Rachel's daydreaming. A lot of adjusting is required in previous areas of the game for this, text would be updated with fixes to look better too during this, new effects, etc. Targeted date for this is for May.) (May update: This is the big priority and is ahead of schedule, coming along greatly. Close to half way done and file size went from 1.13GB down to 560MB right now.)

-Stat adjustments. (This is mainly looking at days 6-10, but might do some stat changes on other previous days as well. The main idea behind this is to ensure the pacing is as follows.. Days 1-5 are mainly friendly/intro holding your hand. Days 6-8 begin to slowly introduce split path choices, affecting plus or minus between two girls. Days 8-12 really begin to offer unlocked content from affection/variables and continue to try making choices affect plus or minus towards other girls as well. Days 13+ is the standard for the game, each choice nearly gives plus with one girl, but another will be affected by it. To help with this, there's moments to gain bonus affection to possibly have other girls stay caught up, but not as much as your girlfriend. This is targeted for June to be added.)

-New gui elements for choices. (This would change the placement of where choice buttons are seen on the screen and make them a bit more fitting with the gui theme. This is targeted for June/July.)

-New sections transition screen. (This would be a visual art background that acts as a nice "loading" screen in a sense between the ending and start of a section. It would help make the day/section text easier to see and read, look more professional, etc. This is currently pushed back to June/July on the list.)

-Cg gallery added. (This is exactly what it sounds like, a gallery to see all the cg scenes you've unlocked. It's only pushed back this far on the list so that we have a decent amount of scenes before really putting this in to make better use of it. This is targeted for July/August. )

-Classroom adjustments. (This would be a simple addition to some existing days already added and future ones. It would add new choices that focus on school work, being called on in class, studying, etc. Things to help give the classroom sections a little bit of a real feeling and also possibly include stats to gain by doing these right. This is only pushed back this far, because it's not a major priority compared to the other stuff above. Targeted for August.)

-Ost gallery music box added. (This is like the cg gallery, it would add a function to listen to pieces of music from the game. There is no set target date for this yet, as the game isn't expected to add custom music/sound until possibly late July/August? )

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Re: Messy Academy [vn][slice of life][School life][18+]

#6 Post by princessbridget1999 » Sat May 30, 2020 3:35 am

Update 0.10 has released for the public, patch notes are above for that update. Those interested in knowing what is new for update 0.11, which is exclusive to those who support our patreon at $5 can see the new content below! ^^

~Update 0.11 content~


-Game received major adjusting in it’s file size, it went from 1.13GB down to 317MB! This was major, as it helps not only exporting the game. But it will be less to download for everyone.

-Day 10 section 2 & 3 no longer should crash when skipping through content.

-"Skip" button and function to skip through content has had it's speed lowered, this is to keep it flowing through quick enough. But not too quick to cause major issues with the game not being able to load assets quick enough.

-Old expressions have been removed, replaced with new base 20-24 expressions. Similar to other vn games.

-Sprite, bg & cg images have been compressed to cut file size down.

-Days 1-15 received general fixing of new expressions to match dialogue, new effects for clothes change, etc.

-A few old placeholder cg screens have been removed in favor of showcasing sprites acting out scenes. (This will fully happen to all non important story/major cg scene areas for now. Look forward to it in update 0.12)

-Heather’s dialogue in day 11 section 3 has been adjusted to make her not quite an anime tsundere stereotype.

-John no longer forces X girl to do a more extreme punishment on day 5 section 3. (Only having the girl be spanked and mess themselves purely.)

~New content~

-Day 16 has been added.
-Day 17 has been added.
-Erika’s final sprite has been added.
-Nova’s final sprite has been added.
-Rachel’s final sprite has been added.
-All sprites have received 20-24 base expressions to match their character uniquely.
-New bg art added! Roof top (day, sunset, night)
-New bg art added! Classroom (day, sunset, night)
-New bg art added! Courtyard/garden (day, sunset, night)
-New bg art added! Club room (day, sunset, night)
-New bg art added! Diaper training room (day, sunset, night)
-New cg art added! Miki punishment (day 5 section 3)
-New cg art added! Nova punishment (day 5 section 3)
-New effect for characters farting, clothes change, etc.
-New music! (placeholder) 2 tracks. (day 17)

~Known or possible issues being looked into~ (feedback very helpful! <3)

-Day 10 section 2 & 3 cause the game to crash if you skip through content too quickly. (Being looked into the reasoning for this happening. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.)

-Outfits missing? (I’m aware of these, many are planned for June.)
Bridget fantasy outfit (day 13 section 1)
Zoey bunny girl cosplay outfit (day 15 section 1 & 2)
Lola skin tight pilot mecha cosplay (day 15 section 1)
Rosa cat maid outfit (day 16 section 1)
Heather idol dress (day 17)

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